Loving unconditionally……


Unconditional love is a wonderful thing, something I have only ever really achieved by being able to give to my children and receive from my wonderful parents.

“What it’s like to be a parent: It’s one of the hardest things you’ll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.”
Nicolas Sparks.

So being able to love unconditionally towards others is perhaps quite difficult.
Let’s think about what the actual definition of unconditional love is ~

Unconditional love is known as affection without any limitations. It can be also love without conditions. This term is sometimes associated with other terms such as true altruism, complete love, or “mother’s/father’s love.”

So baring all that in mind we had better come up with some mindful ingenious ideas of how to be uncontionally loving to others. A hard one I think……


It is coming up to valentines so maybe its not as dreadful as we first considered and with all that love going on around us we are sure to recieve some back…..

Ways to help with unconditional love!

Let’s remember again its loving without bounds and unchanged.
Silly as it sounds I have this kind of love for my pet cat. He most definitely has it for me…..
Animals are always pleased to see you regardless of whatever kind of day they may have had.
A really good animal loving friend of mine once told me animals are incredibly forgiving. Maybe this is where we should start…

1. Always forgive……
Probably tremendously challenging for most of us, down right ambiguous for some.
However bare this in mind, forgiveness doesn’t mean you are taking the blame away, its fundamental purpose is to free you of bitterness..
We can’t love unconditionally if we hold a grudge!

2. Try to not judge others, take people for who they are, worts and all…..
Are you perfect?”
No I didn’t think so, what suits one doesn’t fit all, we are all different that is what makes the world go round after all.

3. Expect nothing…..
Your happiness is not dependant of how others treat you. You are responsible for your own happiness, and people will respond to however you treat them, so be loving to expect it back.

4. Respect others…..
A huge reason why people don’t love each other in the first place, no mutual respect will ultimately lead to misunderstanding and lack of love…

5. Self love….
Everyone’s banging on about self love these days, its seriously important though.
Just love without the unconditional in front isn’t achievable if you don’t love and respect yourself.


Let’s try these small changes!

So let’s try these ideas out because we all want more love in our life’s and to receive we must first give…..

One love U2

Do you love unconditionally?


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If I were Queen of the world!


The world is a beautiful, wondrous place one that if you were unborn and had the ability to think it would be unbelievable paradise to you.

Do we really appreciate its capabilities, its marvel , its staggering possibilities. I doubt it we are too busy making war…..
Our children of the world see its wonder its attraction, they are not marred by power, greed and egotism.

If I were lucky enough to be Queen of the world, I’d be someone who valued its people along with its staggering natural beauty.
I’d teach forgiveness above most things, enabling man to tolerate and see itself for all its worth rather than letting man think it needs something other than what the true world already has to offer in its amazing state….

Everywhere in our 21st century world we see destruction, man struggling for power, struggling to over turn his fellow man.
Where has the compassion disappeared to, what of our conscious. We see innocent people suffer, children refugees of war. Is there no end to the slaughter……

If I were Queen of the world even for just one day, I’d show my wrath, I’d wash away the evil with pure nature itself.
I’d save the innocent from their peril put balance back into mankind and hope above all else that we could be forgiven for our madness…….


Whats on your bucket list?


Its my birthday next week and I’m edging closer to that big 50 “arghhhhh!!”

It got me thinking though I really must write a bucket list, tomorrow’s never a promise and I’m not someone to have regrets but then again I wouldn’t wish to reach the grand old age of 80 and feel like I hadn’t achieved my dreams,goals and desires…..

As you probably already know from my previous posts I’m a bit of a list addict so this will come completely natural to me….

What is a bucket list?

For any of you that don’t know the phrase, term bucket list its definition is –

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
“making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list”

early 21st century: from the phrase kick the bucket ‘die’

When its put like that ” kick the bucket – die”  it really hits home……

I suppose it will help me see my life in a completed kind of way, give me a clearer vision of where I’m heading.

I’m not the type generally for forward planning beyond my day to day activies though,  other than the time management plans I rely on.

However it’ll be something to give me an incentive of keeping enthusiasm in mind, positive thinking….


Photograph by ” Paula Valentim”

Let’s fill that bucket……..

Here’s some ideas for your bucket list that I’ve compiled from friends  family and myself.
Let’s not waste anymore time, let’s start on this insightful activity and give our existence some direction, even if we don’t complete the entire itinerary….

1. Travel to a destination you long to see. Mine is the Great wall of China and San Francisco.
Walk the wall and drive up and down the hilly streets in an American old fashioned 70s car….


Photograph by ” Keith Roper”

2. Thrilling or scary activity.
Bungy jumping or sky diving come to mind, can’t honestly say this is on my list. Maybe horse riding on a beautiful beach but everyone to their own. Never say never…..


Photograph by “Ticino-joana”

3. Drop a dress size and get in the best shape of your life.
Fitness and health with nutrition are so important for healthy living both physically and mentally.

4. Learn a different language or skill.
Education is immense and even if its a different skill it will benefit who you are.
A painting, photographic, cooking course, something you have always fancied doing…. #priceless
Silversmith I must try….

5. Run a marathon, or do a triathlon or even climb a mountain.
Push yourself to an extreme, taking you out of your comfort zone. This will help you learn so much about yourself.


6. Volunteer or help others without reward.
Help out at a homeless shelter, this is something I will put on my bucket list. Doing a service or volunteering is incredibly impowering, you are doing something because you wish to and not for material gain.

What you waiting for?

These are only a few ideas, just thought of another, learn a new sport, I fancy kick boxing!
Its a fantastic way to focus your direction and remember our thoughts materialise into actions far more likely if written down…..

So go have fun, make some amazing memories and have no regrets…..

What is top of your bucket list?



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Is social media damaging our health?

After the crash of Facebook this morning it does pose the question of whether we have lost sight of what its all really about…
I for one spend far too many hours on my electronic devices and as for my children!!!
A blog caught my eye in the reader this morning about Social Media being moral, it got me thinking about my post from back in December 2014.
Question asked Is Social Media damaging our health? >>>>>>>>>

Skin Deep ~ Mandy Moran

After an incredibly informative two day course on social media in the trendy city of Nottingham.
I took myself off to the busy bustling train station for my dreary journey home.

Dreary being the descriptive imagine I’d like you to engage with because nowadays on any form of transport you might as well be invisible as for the lack of communication from my fellow passengers……….


What can we blame this lack of communication to, its not only when travelling its everywhere…….
Mobile device ~ or smart phones as we like to call them, laptops, ipads any
device that has a wi-fi connection or 4g as I excitably discovered in the city.

Minds and eyes engrossed on screens!

So why am I so upset to not have a face to face conversation with a stranger on a train I hear you ask!
Well I’ll admit I am rather unusual, as I have…

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All any of us really want is love……..


Photograph by “ruchit Sakhariya”

I asked myself why, is it because I’m a bad person, am I unlovable, I know deep in my heart I’m a good person.
We all want acceptance from others isn’t that an acknowledgment of our love.
I’m tired of trying to be loved, such hatred towards me is wearing me down, I can pretend but deep in my heart I’m afraid…….
Maybe the best questions are asked in silence but this one is wearing thin and is in need of an answer.
We can all question and try to do what we think is for the best but really deep within our soul all we ever really want is love, to give love and to be loved….
To be hated day by day is like a slow death, to analyse why is like torture, to be verbaly told everyone hates you, just for their justication is mental cruelty.
Self preservation will prevail and stronger will emerge but for now she will continue in silence.
The face of smiles, of caring for others over and above herself  is always a signal of someone who has been deeply hurt, who has little worth despite the arrogant invention…

On reflection maybe it isn’t her thats unlovable but him but it will never feel that way…
                To be loved…. X

All any of us ever really want is to be loved, to be exactly who we are meant to be, to be allowed to be who we are without prejudice, without judgement, with acceptance and then maybe then have a feeling of peace……..



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A Day in the Life

This is a heartbreaking account of a sixteen old girls daily trials in Gambia.
We should feel humbled to live the life we do in comparison.
Beautifully told “Untold Stories”

Untold Stories


It’s seven o’clock and Tierkidi refugee-camp is buzzling of early morning activity. It’s food distribution day, and Nyaboth (16) is patiently waiting for the queue in front of her to get smaller.

No one knows the exact number of refugees in the Gambell-region. But we are at least looking at 250.000. More than a quarter of a million people who are dependent on the food that World Food Program is distributing.

The line is moving slow, but Nyaboth isn’t in a hurry as long as she gets what she came for. Four hours later, she has collected all the items her family is entitled to this month. The previous four hours were more boring than exhausting. Now the tough part comes. The 16-year old has to get 150 kilos of flour, maize, oil, lentils and soap back to her tent a couple of kilometres away.

−I have to sell some…

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Is football a tribal phenomena?


The air hung with anticaption and I could hardly breath with the wait for that final whistle.

“Yellooows!!!! Yellooows!!!” a man shouted behind me. I echoed his tune and l felt a nervous knot twist harder…..
They have to WIN, “Come on,Come on, please!!!!!”

As he dribbled up the field, running faster, passing to number 7 in the middle, swiftly anticipated and intercepted and ~yeah!!!!! strike straight in the back of the net!!!!!!
“Wow!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!”  I shouted.
“Off side” screamed the opposing side
“No way, no way” I voiced back.
I could feel the anger rising inside me, the passion I felt for this team was unbelievable, it was almost like life and death.

I twisted my face in rage and shouted back again      “No way, no  f*#@ing way!!!!!”
Suddenly I had turned into a crazed individual,swearing, shouting and probably if need be, willing to start physical aggression…..

Where had all this emotion come from?


The power of football!

I’m incredibly passionate when it comes to football, its not something everyone possibily can associate with, but believe me if you ever get involved with the sport and follow a team regularly its unbelievable…

The downside is that unfortunately it does bring out even in a mere female like myself a tremendous show of aggression when your team is losing or unfairly treated.

What I hear you ask, could possibly be the reasons behind all of this. Its almost expected for young testosterone males to act in this manner, but not a middle aged woman.


Football has tribal links!

The zoologist and author “Desmond Morris” wrote the book “The soccer Tribe” back in 1981 and its a description of how football has similarities to primaeval hunting patterns of tribes with their hero players and managers. So maybe all the fuss is just a human instinct and nothing more….
Football is incredibly popular and here to stay and the crowds haven’t really changed, this is an excellent picture from years gone by…….


I just leave you with this thought of ~ what will our future ancestors make of all these incredible crowds and images of men in matching kits with numbers on chasing a ball.
Is it that unsimilar to ancient Greece or Roman?

Love or hate the beautiful game, either way its here to stay for the foreseeable future at least….

U2 Beautiful Day: http://youtu.be/LXrJdOD5syo



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How to avoid those Winter germs


Photograph by Russ Seidel ~ Flickr


Its that time of the year when germs are everywhere and colds and flu viruses are prevalent.
We all try our up most to avoid any contamination with germs.
It can however be something of a losing battle.
I find building the immune system is one of the main ways to combat or at least to limit the duration of these nasty Winter aliments…

I want to share my remedies and magic potion’s and ideas that I swear by. There is some truth in them, really!

My list of essentials!

1. At the very top and probably my number one remedy is the tincture of the flower of Echniacea. I use it as a preventative, 12 drops in a small amount of fruit juice every morning during the Winter months and having a week off after every 4 weeks.
If however I’m unfortunate enough to catch a cold, I then up it to three times a day until its nearly disappeared…


Beautiful photograph of a echniacea flower by ~ Bernd Loos ~ flickr

2. Vitamin C is no stranger to any of you I’m sure, I take a high strength with zinc its benefit is again in building the immune system.

3. Exercise whether the gym, swimming  or just walking all on a regular bases, at least 20mins a day of raising the heart rate all helps increase the immune system ~ the link below will give a more in depth explanation >>>>>>>>>


4. The obvious one is getting enough sleep to let your body properly repair and rest. #priceless

5. Again you probably know this but eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as a balanced diet.The five super foods are particularly interesting and beneficial ~ Berries, Tomatoes. Avocado, cucumber and all the greens you can stomach. Click the link below for more information by “Dr Mercola”


6. This is my powerful one if you can master it, the mind has quite extraordinary influence. This isn’t for everyone but I do tell my body using my mind that it doesn’t have a sore throat etc, it has worked for me in the past. Mind over matter….

7. A delicious one and a preventative again, local honey to your area, drizzled over your toast in the morning and sprinkled with cinnamon. Alternatively in a warm drink a tablespoon of honey, hot water and cinnamon to taste, both gorgeous and they again benefit your immunity.


Hoping now to avoid the germs.

Well I hope you are all staying healthy this winter of 2015 and you find my remedies useful.
Keep busy with those thoughts of positivity and the Spring will soon be here.

Do you have any potions of your own or ones brought down the generations by family that you could share with me?



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How to control the negative!


Photography ~ energy storm by
  ” Alex Kemp Lomomograph” from flickr

Everyday I encounter negative vibes we all do and sometimes it can actually be down to us, for contributing to them, but understanding the negative is all part of combating and controlling it…

I’m extremely grateful and excited too of reaching over a 1000 views on my newy almost 6 week old blog, maybe not a huge milestone for some but for me encouraging and giving me the motivation to keep going not to mention I’m absolutely loving it…
Also other exciting developments, I’ll keep you posted…..
So cast your mind back to my first post, only a short introduction but its base lying in everything fundamental that my blog is about, from back in early December 2014 titled ~

What we don’t realise! ~

>>>>>>> http://bit.ly/1ukbknw<<<<<&lt;

– and this will set the scene for my explanation of the negative…..

Focusing your thoughts!


Think of a battery it has a +  and – for energy to flow but if the battery is in the wrong way the circuit won’t work.
There has to be dark for the light to shine…….
Yin and yang, perfect balance!


So realising there will always be negative as well as positive, we have to either protect ourselves or perhaps a simpler solution just change the way we think about negative energy…

We can all pin point an occurrence of a bitter hurtful remark aimed at us, think back to my blog on Combating jealousy and envy ~
>>>>> http://bit.ly/1EnQ9Hf
Or Is anger really fear!
All of these posts are hoping to give an angle of the negative emotions in a different mindset, hoping to give some understanding, but also hoping you might think differently and once we have the capacity to do that our thoughts change. Our feelings then follow suit and we act out in a more positive way.
A full circle, yin and yang, perfect balance……

Now we are feeling armed and ready to dispel negative to allow in positive!
The negative will not vanish but more likely it will disperse.

Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, helps us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn’t exist.

Martin R. Lemieux

The Pentacle – The ancients envisioned their world in two halves – masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced there was chaos.

Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)


I leave you with these two excellent quotes to mull over,…….

Thank you to all of you that have supported me so far and now to the future…..


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