Ten tips to help with confidence!


Photograph by “Mihaela Muntean”

“Confidence is silent, insecurities are loud”

I most definitely love wearing heels, for me they are almost like my uniform.
Having worked in the fashion industry for almost 30 years, I now pretty much have mastered what I like to wear and how to make myself feel confident.

Confidence is easy once you know how to fool everyone even if inside you are feeling nervous, like in an important interview or first date….

It comes from our thoughts and those very thoughts affect how we feel….
It’s the thought’s though that can be affected by outside energies and factors.
So let’s try to find ways to stop our thoughts being infected by outside exposure and to keep feeling self assured…..


I have always loved fashion because it’s a great way to express your mood. And I’m definitely a shoe lover. The right pair of shoes can change the feel of an outfit, and even change how a woman feels about herself. A woman can wear confidence on her feet with a high stiletto, or slip into weekend comfort with a soft ballet flat.


Ten tips for being more confident in any situation….

1. Eye contact.
When meeting someone for the first time always have eye contact, don’t stare into their eyes but on first introduction do look into them briefly and this will give you an air of confidence.
when conversing always nod and keep eye contact without this the other person will feel you aren’t interested or listening.

2. Body postures.
Incredibly important, think of someone walking with head downcast,shoulders slumped immediately anyone will think you are shy and withdrawn.
Whereas if you walk tall, eyes straight ahead, not only do you obviously look so much better, you will also have the benefit of actually seeing people and having eye contact with them.

3. Handshake.
Make any handshake firm never limp and unmeaning. My father has always emphasised the importance of a good handshake. Again don’t forget that eye contact, remember its the window to everything…

4. You are not alone.
Remembering you are not the only one feeling nervous or insecure. We always judge ourselves against others and this will again straight away lead us to lose confidence. So always bare in mind others around you are never as confident as their appear.

5. Wearing confidence.
What we wear speaks volumes about our confidence, but more importantly being comfortable in your own skin must come first before any type of outfit can enhance it.
So do wear things that make you feel good but love what you are more. ..

6. Make others like you..
This isn’t something everyone has conquered, but charisma works wonders. Once everyone likes you genuinely for who you are your self esteem will rise and more confidence will follow. Complimenting others and helping without reward is kindness and there is no better tool that showing random acts of kindness to boast your own confidence….

7. Exercise leading to confidence.
Not always easy to keep motivated with exercise but its dividend’s will definitely pay out. Getting in shape will instantly enhance your confidence. Go for it….

8. Wording.
Avoid the phrases ” I think” or ” I believe”. Use  a purely positive tongue, “I can” or “I will”
People will believe you if you say thinks with confidence and sound like you know what you are doing.

9. Confidence vs knowledge.
I have always told my children that being confident is just as important if not more so than having yards of knowledge. For example a withdrawn, shy person will not get the job despite whatever qualification’s they may have.
Knowledge also though on the other hand can give you confidence so really these go hand in hand….

10. Touch.
Don’t be afraid to gently touch someone, the power of our energy is immense and this small gesture in itself will shout confidence and empower you to be more confident in the future…..

Remember thoughts over feelings and so get out there and strut your stuff, you are beautiful and special, we all are.
Lets embrace the life we have……


Do you have any confidence tips to share?

Mandy. X


14 thoughts on “Ten tips to help with confidence!

  1. Great tips. Thanks!

    My favorite thing to do to show confidence is simply to smile. This would likely fit in with number 6. A hearty smile can bring out a smile in the other person, not only giving them an instant sense of comfort, but also giving you a sense of confidence in your ability to immediately have a positive affect on someone. 🙂

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