Mirror reflection!


Photograph by “Amanda Richards” Flickr

When you look in your mirror of reflection,
What do you see?
Is it a true reflection of what you perceive yourself to be?

The raindrops translucent form reflects without thought,
What do we see?
Beauty, exquisite and still.

Reflection is like a story being told,
Split second thoughts of our mirrored image,
Be like natures prism of light….

Ultra violet, aqua and azure hitting its target,
Reflectingly divine and illumines..
Let’s illuminate our minds on reflection.

Our minds can reflect in colour,
Rainbow drops will fall once escaped,
Capture that positive thought shower..

The texture of reflection is smooth,
Its cold like a marble too
We can help the world with reflection,

So let’s make tomorrow assured,
For soon the sun will be reflecting,
How wonderfully special we are….



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