Beauty of peace….


Photograph by Giovanni Arteaga’

If peace were a vision we could see,
Its reflection would leave a translucent shimmer,
Rainbow full of promise,
Diamond sparkling glamour…..

Hopeful in its million pieces,
Clearing away the fear,
Its carpet of beautiful calm,
Alive with possibilities of greatness…..

Divinely inspired for mankind’s peace,
The world would give out a sigh,
Birds would sing in harmony,
Their chorus heard from faraway fields……

Vibrant, pastel, claret or velvet,
Tactile textured dreams of peace,
Its beauty would cleanse the earth,
I hope its beauty can become one day…..



My black and white challenge!


I’m really not brilliant at photography but I love capturing any image, so thank you Lizzie >>>>>

for the challenge of posting a black and white picture of my choice for 5 days.

I pulled up on the way to the gym and took this of our castle here in Newark. I will get a better picture later in the week.
I live in the historic market town of Newark on Trent.
It is seeped in history especially from the English Civil War with ‘King John’ apparently taking ill in the castle.
Newark was a strong hold for the Cavaliers, against the Roundheads of ‘Oliver Cromwell’

Anyway hope you all like my snap shot it was raining, very dreary here at the moment in the UK.


David Beckham’s quote ‘Beauty is only Skin Deep’



David Beckham and James Corden’s New Underwear Line:

Well it looks like I’m not the only one who believes ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ or perhaps David Beckham’s been reading my poetry………

Article about the underwear video>>>>

Beauty is skin deep; it’s underneath that counts,’ David continues before James concludes the funny fake advertisement: ‘D&J Briefs. It’s underwear for a man with a great body.

My poem ‘Is beauty only skin deep?’ >>>>


The hunger games trilogy!


I read the wonderful trilogy about four years ago now, I literally stayed up till the small hours, downloading the next book to my kindle in earnest.
Yes I was totally hooked, the strength of fearless katniss Everdeen had me reading around the clock…..

• Hunger games
• Catching Fire
• Mockingjay

The author ‘Suzanne Collins’ took some of her inspiration from Greek mythology and Roman gladiator games but not all classical, contemporary TV reality shows also played a part in her influence.
Read more in the link below for background information. >>>>>

My interpretation….

I found the story captivating, it was deeply thought provoking and emotionally strong.
Right from the start with katniss volunteering to take Primrose’s place in the games.

For me there were hidden messages of political issues relating to the world today, taken to extreme but the Capitol could be seen as the western world and the other districts working to keep the west fulfilled.

The on going love story of and even triangle of katniss, Peeta and Gail. All intriguing and keeps you guessing and wanting more.

President coriolanus Snow his ruthless greed, lies and ability to have people killed for his other gain. As in the killing of cinna…..

The revolution in the third novel Mockingjay is truly intriguing and deeply emotional.
Katniss leads the rebellion with her Courage and determination and the symbol of the revolt the Mockingjay brooch……


The trilogy has been made
into four films the first released in 2012, the Mockinghay having been made for two films and the last part of novel 3 is due out in November 2015.

If you haven’t read the trilogy or watched the screenplays then don’t hesitate because you’ll believe me absolutely love them.

Anyway looking forward to catching the last film in November and in the mean time watching the others again….

Have you read the books or watched the films?
What is your opinion on them?

Mandy. X

What is there without respect?


  This amazing piece of art work is
           Respect by ‘Eva Siba’

We all need respect!

The amazing masterpiece above is diverse just like our world.
Everything and everyone let’s face it deserve respect without it there becomes only chaos…..


1. A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

synonyms: esteem, regard, high regard, high opinion, acclaim, admiration, approbation, approval, appreciation, estimation, favour, popularity, recognition, veneration, awe, reverence, deference, honour, praise, homage

2. Due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.


Strong words and definition

For me respect is everything, I always respect other people’s feelings, beliefs and ideals and expect in return the same.
However today’s society does seem in
  some instances to of forgotten this.

Without respect other people feel insignificant, they feel trodden on, really who is entitled to think they are superior to another. Equality runs deep and has huge meaning…..

This for me doesn’t just stop with people, animals, plants all living things and very importantly our planet because we haven’t in the last several decades respected it.
We can pretend like the politicians of our world that global warmer isn’t occurring but yes you guessed it, it is….
Already it is having significant and harmful effects on our communities, our health, and our climate. Sea level rise is accelerating. The number of large wildfires is growing. Dangerous heat waves are becoming more common.

Have a look at the link for more information >>>>>>>>

Most definitely lack of respect by each and everyone of us…..


Photograph by ‘Len”doc”Radin’ Flickr

So let’s all try to show respect and who knows the world and all its inhabitants might one day live in perfect harmony…..


How to ease the pain….


His pain and and sorrow are now clear,
Helping ease the anguish is sincere,
Impossible to pull from his dark place.
Did this situation arrive in haste….

Long years of hidden emotion,
Taking away his joy,
Wanting to reach out in love,
That isn’t on his receipt…..

Understanding any form of depression is paramount………


Bottling time…..


We take our time here for granted,
Its precious and not infinite,
Imagine if we could bottle time,
Holding those treasured moments dear……

Iridescent memories are so sweet,
Time is but an essence,
One we must not fritter wastefully
Try using every second for worth of gold……

Time can be taken from us,
Take heed of warnings now,
Imagine if we could bottle some,
Opening for the supreme bits….

So with this knowledge instilled,
Go play time bombs for now,
But never ever under estimate,
How time flies by without our sight….

Live, love, behold those dear to heart,
For returns are not promised,
We are mere mortals on this earth,
Insignificance against energies strength

Maybe one day soon technology will  bottle our precious time………


You are responsible for your own happiness!


This can be a hard concept to swallow, a difficult one to accept but either way its completely true and the sooner you realise this the easier and happier your life will become…

Taking responsibility!

Thinking about everyday situations and simple things that disappoint us for example ~
• we are having a picnic and it rains.
• We miss the train to work!

These are annoying but if we start with the small things and condition our minds to take responsibility and realise that it’s our own responses in adversity that determine how we feel and not blaming others, then more complex issues when faced with them will eventually be able to be dealt with and won’t eat into our happiness.

Thinking of extremes like Gandhi and Jesus who over came problems and remained positive is a fantastic example but for you to get to that level takes practice of thoughts over feelings….

You don’t have to be religious to have in faith in the universe….


Try to think of training the mind just as you would train a muscle it becomes stronger with practice.

Happiness is from within!

Finding inner peace and realisation will take time,
surrendering your thoughts and letting go of anger and believing and trusting that things can become better with your own strength of mind will result in your own happiness growing tenfold.

We are all hung up on thinking if we had ~~~
• More money
• The perfect partner
• A bigger house
• Thinner

The list goes on but really these things wouldn’t fix you, only patch it up for a while.
Real happiness is acceptance of what life throws at you good or bad and controlling your mindset accordingly to take responsibly personally and dealing with it without portioning the blame.

We do all see situations differently and remembering that you are the only person responsible for your thoughts is paramount, you are responsible for not letting negative life experiences to steal your joy…….


So let’s try it, let’s embrace happiness from within.
We have the power to create our own destiny and be happy doing it!

Attack the evil that is within yourself, rather than attacking the evil that is in others.

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.”
Albert Camus


Photograph by “Moyan Brenn” Flickr

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”
Dale Carnegie


Fragments of broken love……


                    Photograph ‘Flickr’

Could almost feel a wave of relief,
After layers of escaping misery,
Holding onto to emptiness,
For what….

These broken fragments have no adhesive left,
Letting go of the hurt,
Waving away the pain
For when……..

Allowing a peace within,
Water, earth, air and fire,
Harmony’s sweet heal,
For now………


Mandy. X

Controlling the bitterness…


Holding that bitter textured feeling,
That anger engulfing my mind,
Those segments of my psyche,
Eating into everything turning life blind…….

This needs a new prospective,
Something less tangy and raw,
My taste could turn to sweetness,
If a spoonful of forgiveness was employed…..