Envy’s ugly poison!


Photograph by SilisFX Flickr


Photograph by ‘Rachel Souza’ Flickr

The mood was vile and monstrous,
Gloom hung in the air,
Walking on fragile cracks of emotion,
Dare I speak in converse.

Ridiculous to feel fearfulness,
Of someone who holds envy within,
Can we guide this competitor,
To overcome the grudging poison.

Bitter of taste and mind,
Swallowed in gulps of rivalry,
Corroding away from loves cure,
Envy has turned to ugly….

Reply with compassions sweet essence,
Encasing the dark wounds with regard,
Cleansing the soul of its toxic venom
Could this envy be ugly no more……



Shattered lifes in Kathmandu…


Photograph by Francisco  Moralejo

Destruction bestowed on Nepal,
Devastation, despair from natures forces,
This beautiful cultured colourful country destroyed,
Wreckage, broken cities and rural remote villages…

Hindu rituals and beliefs in turmoil,
Buildings collapsed into rubble,
Trapped and hopelessness surround,
Mount Everest watch’s with surrealism.

My heart goes out to those poor people, Loss of life’s and homes demolished to ruins,
Let’s pray for those spared casualty,
Rest peacefully those taken in ruination without warning……


Thoughts with the people of Nepal after the worse earthquake in 80 years…


The rich get richer and the poor get poorer….


Photograph by Thorsten  kulbe.

Grotesquely rich as the super rich,
Living in their mansion rose gardens,
Meanwhile the poor become impoverished,
Living in utter pauperism!

Capitalism can we possibly blame,
Greed and need of power,
Is this the 21st century,
Or perhaps we have traveled back in time.

Reform and change for balance
Whichever way the polls fall,
We need a fairer society
Because we thought we were all in it together
Obviously we were fooled…….

They sit in their ivory towers,
Westminster and house of commons,
Acting like deranged baboons,
Unruly players debating our fate!

Use your vote wisely,
Let’s make the power of the people be heard,
For whoever knocks on the door of no10,
Will have our eventualities in their hands!!!



Excellent poem by a fantastic Poet..
So very true!
Originally posted on keithgarrettpoetry


Emotions run deep, hidden inside are feelings so strong,

Beneath a layer of human appearance rests another side.

What hurts in the mind also hurts within a souls heart,

Everyone hurts sometimes, maybe the wanting for a friend.

Things that don’t go your way, thoughts of a haunting yesterday,

Everyone hurts in a moment, quietly they suffer not wanting sympathy,

Others scream out in agony, help me! they say, fix this painful day.

Everyone hurts sometimes, life can be beautiful or it can be unkind.

Keith Garrett

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5 ways to help with procrastination!


We all procrastinate sometimes!

The saying you’ll miss the boat or just plain old lazy come to mind when I hear the word procrastination!

‘Can’t be bothered’ or
‘I’ll do it later’,
‘I’ve started I’ll definitely finish it soon’.

These are all phrases that are often heard when procrastinating.

So exactly what does this rarer long word mean……

Definition >>>

the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention:
She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment.


So yes we all do sometimes procrastinate, after all we are only human. Nobodies perfect are they ……?

There are ways you can help with procrastination though, to keep motivated,productive and to achieve your goal, whatever that may be from graduation to simply tidying the house.

All ways you end a winner and feel better about yourself and everything around you.

Tips to stop procrastination!

1. Eliminate the perfect time.
We all say its not the right time, I need a rest, a sleep, I’m hungry or I’ll do it tomorrow. Eliminate these excuses be brutal to yourself and think of that old fashion saying, there’s no time better than the present!

2. Go public with your plans.
If you share your ideas, actions you are hoping to achieve or partake in, for example a new venue, a marathon, then you’ll be more likely to succeeded because you’ll not want to look failed when asked about it at a later date.

3. Bargain with yourself for a treat afterwards!
Tell yourself and envisaged it when getting distracted that after you finish you’ll spoil yourself, even something as simple as a coffee and your favourite cake, or more special like a new dress or a night at the pictures.

4. Write a list but with deadline dates.
My favourite is always a list and crossing the things off is for me so rewarding. Make sure you put the things you least want to do at the top of that list and give it a date to be achieved by. That way it can’t just get forgotten.

5. Involve someone else to help!
Lessen the load with help from a friend and also to give that feeling of not letting someone else down, the guilt card I suppose. This kills two birds with one stone because you won’t feel so overwhelmed and then turn to procrastinating.


You hopefully won’t miss the boat!!

So with these tips in practice you’ll hopefully now not miss that boat because no one wants to be left on the shore when the tides coming in…..



Simple joy of life……


Photograph by Sarah Heinrichs ‘Flickr

Joy penetrates the essence of our being,
Its vibrant like that of the suns rays,
Lighting the soul from within.
Warming every human molecule…

Its energy will magnify tenfold,
Touching the very heart of us,
Capturing along the way,
Joyous laughter will unfold….

Seal her smile and keep,
For those eyes hold true happiness,
We all deserved a glance,
At what joyfulness can achieve…


St Georges day!


Its all about traditions and history here in the UK.

St George was actually born in Eastern Turkey, legend has it he slayed dragons, mystical only though I’m sure, either way a great story and one that has lasted through time itself….

Have a great St Georges day!


Interesting fact :-

Shakespeare was born on 23rd April  1564, baptised on the 26th and died on 23rd April 1616.

Mandy x

Is lust only chemical?


Photograph ‘Lustfully YOurs’ ,Flickr

Eyes meet with that lustful glare,
Sending feelings of desire gushing fast, Veins hot with hunger and raptures,
Could this feeling be purely chemical….

Touch of hands simply breath taking,
An appetite for love once more,
How incredible that quick in feels,
Must it be purely chemical….

Lust, love adrenaline,
Either way feverish with passion,
Essence of lips first touch,
Those fires burning leads to chemicals

Mandy. X

A problem shared is a problem halved….


This is a old term, one most of us probably heard our mothers use.
Think back to when you were a child, sharing everything with your best friend was second nature.
So why when we become adults do we often find it extremely difficult to talk about our problems and emotions.
Society today isn’t as kind and understanding as days gone by, really because neighbourhoods have changed, lifestyles are no longer as easy in the way that mother’s stayed at home and cooked and nurtured their family, quite the same way perhaps as our parents did.
With those old times friendships were forged and people looked out for each other. Community and the feeling of belonging and with this came security and the good life hence leading to a kindness and less judging society….

We could learn a lot from where we have cometh…..

In today’s society, fast paced, technology based is there ever time to share a problem?

Problems of today’s world!

We see on the increase stress related illness,
• People struggling with large work loads.
• Worries about making ends meet.
• Juggling careers and family life.
• Long hours of work.
• Inability to express feelings due to fear of ridicule.

I remember in my geography lessons many years ago the forecast of the 21st century having more rest and play, less working hours per week.
Can’t say this has happened, can you?
Not in these days of austerity and hardship…..


Finding that special friend you can trust….

I think also you can count on one hand true friends, friends that take us for who we are regardless of our circumstance and status.

True friends don’t judge or compare, they support each other through good and bad.

So baring in mind that fact of very few true friends, its even harder to share our problems and feel then halved from that fundamental simple principle of off loading and getting a second hand perspective. Even just having someone to listen and care regardless of making things better, things always seem halved after telling and sharing with a friend…


So remember there are always good people who care, people we value and are grateful too.
Share those problems, lift the pressure and see the difference……

The link below is an article and video  based on research proving that problems shared reduces stress. How amazing. >>>>>>

Do lets start living with all the ingredients of wisdom and knowledge and then the good life will appear,because you are special………

Mandy. X

The Forever Series: Your Heart

Beautiful poem by a talented poet.
The heart holds all our secrets….
Originally posted on syl65’s blog.

Syl65's Blog

Tell me the story of your heart

Tell me what fills it and what tears it apart

I want to know what has led to the becoming of you

The hardships, over which you prevailed

The situations in which you believe you failed

Tell me the story of your heart

My heart absorbing every detail

I believe to know your heart, is to know you

And who knows?

Maybe our hearts can find a story

That we can share, together

~photo credit: galleryhip.com

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