Wedding fever

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We all dream of a fairy tale wedding, the glamour, the romance, pure delightful bliss, love, lace and lavish splendor….

Where magical memories are made to be etched in our minds for a lifetime!!

So its no real surprise then with all this in mind that planning a wedding does endure a huge amount unfortunately of stress and pressure.
Difficult times can be inevitable, disagreements and much more can erupt, but don’t despair before you have even started because I’ve put together my five top tips for a stress free wedding plan and day.


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1. Preparations, dates, venue, etc – listed in a book or laptop for easy access and continued reference.
Having a data reference of all the particulars, including the financial dealings with budget included, will help keep you focused and organized.
You can refer back and almost use it as vision board, even sticking fabric swatches for the outfits and imagines from venues and flower ideas to help you build the wedding you dream of.

2.Keep it realistic and don’t set yourself unreachable targets.
Being a realist in the process of planning your wedding isn’t the easiest task but you do need to keep to budgets and timelines. Without sensible decisions within reason of your vision you can find yourself in hot water. Trying to achieve the unachievable is like banging your head against a brick wall, so in a nutshell don’t expect a castle if its not within your budget. The smallest of occasions can be as wonderfully enchanting as a banquet….

3.Be willing to consider others differences – flexible on your ideas, keeping an open mind.
That stubborn ego can surface and want all his own way, admittable it is your day but do remember its about others too. Do take their ideas and feelings into consideration. My experience from many years ago now was a real head on disagreement on the actual time of the big day with my own mother. With her wanting the preceding later than I did became silly, but looking back I now understand she was considering others traveling from a distance on the day and actually your guests are incredibly important.


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4.Taking care of your own health -nutrition, sleep and exercise.
We have all heard the story about how the bride tries her beautiful gown a week before the big day only to discover in horror that shes lost huge amounts of weight and now needs it adjusting and this is usually due to stress.
However take heed and look after yourself both in body and mind.
To ensure you have the natural glow on the big day, consider your diet and drinking enough water is paramount. Exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep.
All of this might seem like common sense but once you fall head first into wedding fever you will forget these important facts.

5. Keep calm and let go of those nerves on the big day but more importantly stay in the moment and savor every single minute…..

And they livedĀ  ‘Happily ever after’…….