How eating healthy and regular exercise can change your life!!

Just 15 months ago I decided to join the gym and really my reasons were mixed but never ever did I expect the amazing outcome that has now become a reality and a lifestyle, which has changed my life forever for the better….

Starting with small steps

I must admit that I do now constantly obsess to all my friends and family about nutrition not that I’m an expert or anything but the difference that my body feels from being correctly fueled is mind blowing.

I so want to inspire all of you to make these same changes in your lifes, small steps have been my secret and being realistic and patient are key points.

One thing my son has said to me all through this is,  ‘How long did it take to put the fat on and become unfit ?’
and I then think to myself….
‘Why yes years!!!’
so obviously he replies
‘You have to be patient

what took years to happened, will also take time to put right……’