“8” childhood Christmas memories from the 70s!

Skin Deep ~ Mandy Moran

I was recently reminiscing with friends about our precious Christmas memories from childhood.
How we felt that excitement, anticipation, sheer wonder of Christmas night.
I remember we had pillow cases and we left them on the landing!
Waking several times in the night, thinking has he been yet, is it light yet……

Those amazing perhaps outrageous decorations, balloons on the pictures, concertined paper strings of all vibrant shades hung on the ceiling. Tinsel, all things sparkling!

What wonderful times they were, Nostalgia, vintage, call it what you want but one thing I remember is a warm happy feeling of a simple life without worries or complications.


Presents didn’t arrive from a courier, we didn’t buy on line, there were amazing toy shops and then there was Woolworths……..


I have complied a list of all the favourite things we received, the presents we remember, the ones that have stayed in our…

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