Is anger really fear?

Skin Deep ~ Mandy Moran

We have all experienced anger at some time in our lives wouldn’t you agree?
How we manage it though determines its effects both to ourselves and those around us.

Let’s think about what anger really is!

Its a reaction to flight or fight produced or triggered from fear,a feeling that’s preminary to protect us, that fear can come in different forms though!

1. Physical.
2. Imaginary.


An example of different forms of fear!

1.You are happily driving down the road with your children in the back in your car off for a day out, when suddenly a car overtakes on a bend and narrowly misses causing a serious accident!
You are enraged, angry and feel belligerent!
The anger you are experiencing is a true fear of injury to yourself and your offspring.

2. You are with your new girlfriend or boyfriend at a busy party having a…

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