Can music help with Alzheimer’s?

For anyone that has experienced the effects of in my opinion, the cruelest of disease’s Alzheimer’s, then you’ll totally understand when I say that if only one person reads this blog and takes comfort then I’ve achieved my goal…


                   My mum.

I grew up in a loving wonderful family with siblings older than me so therefore I guess you could say I was somewhat spoilt!
We were a typical average working class family in the 70s, life was good.
My siblings went on to be hugely successful mainly down to the support of my parents in their formative years.

However this story isn’t about my siblings or me for that matter, its about my mother and father and how the dreadful diesese Alzheimer’s has infected our family.

      Emotional fallout!

The mixture of emotions felt are indescribable, the person you know and love is still there before you however they are so incredibly different!
Alzheimer’s isn’t purely just about memory loss, there are mood swings from suicidal to child like behaviour, paranoia and illusions.

Helplessness is a common feeling of those close to someone with this destructive mind robbing disease, I really would not wish it upon my worst enemy!

         Music magic.

I recently read an article claiming music especially if headphones are worn can help the sufferer.
When each day has no silver lining anything however small is hope.

With this idea in mind, off I set to get the help of my son to put together an album of her favorite tracks from back then.
It was incredible the effect the music had on her mood, up dancing, it was almost as if she had been transformed back in time……..
The article I read was by “Alzheimer’s Foundation Of America (AFA)” and is very informative, have a look yourself by following the link below :

There is no cure at this present time for Alzheimer’s or other dementia related diseases such as vascular dementia.

We can only hold on to each day and cherish those lucid days and if music is a tool to stimulation then I’m in…..


For everyone out their who is living and caring for someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s, keep strong.
Always ask for help and cherish your special memories of them forever…..

Please feel free to add your own personal comments on your own experiences of Alzheimer’s, let’s help each other!


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