How to time manage your busy life!

I have such a busy schedule that literally I’m sure sometimes I meet myself coming back or at least that’s the phrase my mother always used, and in her day life was most definitely at a slower pace!

Only yesterday, Saturday of all days, a rest I was hoping for, but unfortunately that wasn’t about to happen.
My daughter did point out to me though, that I really don’t care for sitting about doing nothing in particular, and that its good to be busy…..
Sometimes I’d like to give it a try though but if my memory doesn’t deceive me, she was correct, I have a strong aversion to doing nothing!


Photography by “Suzanne Duda”

         Good time management =
                      less stress!

I have always been a list person because for me without written help I feel helpless, this isn’t because my memory is bad, its a funtamental basic tool I use to declutter my mind and enable me to relax and enjoy my days of work or play.
My thoughts and ideas along with my busy lifestyle just run at a fleeting pace!


     Ways to manage time!

1. Prioritise in order ~
When I have endless things to do which is almost everyday, I give things a number of importance first in my mind then on paper. For example 1 to 10….
Somethings have to be high priority, essential but unless you think and plan your time gets wasted! I sometimes as well plan a route so that I can actually visualize in my mind and also not meet myself coming back so to speak….

2. My favorite, written lists ~
The writing part I do mention many times for almost all aspects of motivation and understanding and in this instance organisation.
Clearing the mind enables you to be free….

3. Allowing yourself a break or treat ~
We do have hectic lifestyles that run out of control at times,even with all the management in place, but one of the most important things to remember is to give yourself a break.
A break in the day of your busy schedule is paramount, sitting reflecting or even better walking outside for ten minutes, doing something that pleases you so taking you away from the mundane.

This is very important because without it are you really giving yourself any value…….?

We are special, we are deserving and yes we are busy but we do and should treat ourselves as well as others! Never feel guilty of taking a break….


This amazing picture by
“Stephen Cotterell”

    Don’t waste time its priceless!

This wonderful picture of a dandelion clock epitomises time because it does run out eventually so let’s manage what time we have and however driven you are, or if just in need of more time, always remember give yourself a break.

How do you manage your time?


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