Why youth is wasted on the young……

Youth is wasted on the young.

Oscar Wilde


Photograph by ‘Walter Quiet’ Flickr

This famous quote by Oscar Wilde is for me so incredibly true….
The young generally have no idea on why they are so lucky.
I’m actually embracing and loving my middle age, more so than my twenties, my thirties maybe less so because I think my awareness and depth of understanding from life experiences had kicked in by my late thirties.
The main reason behind this is purely fuelled by my ability to understand who I am and liking that.
Wisdom =Confidence


Age brings wisdom and wisdom brings confidence….

Young people really shouldn’t have to worry about the bigger picture but if they have an awareness that life can’t always been seen through rose coloured glasses and that hard work and determination, combined with respect and consideration of others can lead to a happy life.
Kindness, love and acceptance without judgement are front runners..

Not sheltering to extreme….

I’m not telling you all to neglect your children but more to take on a firm love approach.
Also an approach of respect attracts respect back to you.
Give them the chance to find their personality with respect from you the parent within a safe environment. Sounds complicated but basically grow trust by allowing them freedom at the correct times in their development and not sheltering them from all harm. Allowing them to take risks make mistakes and learn early on that we learn from our efforts and move on….


At a very early age if you tell your child they must be careful because they could fall from the slide and bang their head, well then you have logged it in their minds so most likely it could happen or worse they won’t learn how to play and grow and will live in fear of falling and making mistakes……

Trusting your children once they have demonstrated their can be trusted is incredibly powerful….

Grandparents can play an excellent part in moulding a child’s future, don’t ever underestimated their wisdom…

So next time you hear the famous quote.
‘ Youth is wasted on the young’
think carefully because for most it is!!!



My childhood haunt!!!


I grew up in an amazing community with numerous friends, we all had adventures of great magnitude…

I don’t particular remember having one certain hideout where I took my imagination, it was to be perfectly honest with me at all times…

Marble magic….
We played fantastic games in drains and on dried out grass, digging out holes to roll our wondrous glass marvels of iridescent glass, catching the light from the warm days sun. The biggest marbles being the prized possessions of those most fortunate.
I gazed in ore at their beauty.
To this very day I have a significant treasured collection……

Dens and hideouts
Grass building of dens and clothes horses and bed sheets were another captured imaginative activity. The long hot summer of 75 was one we had many a late night playing cricket on the green with teams in great competition to win or out with our tennis bats knocking the hell out of the sticky vile July bugs up in the many trees surrounding our streets……

Those naive days of care free dreams, the smells, the tastes all leaving many marks on whom we have become.

Emotional teens
I do remember taking to my bedroom which was shared with my older sister and listening on my brothers cherished record player, to his Simon and Garfunkel LP.
“Like a bridge over troubled waters….”   “Are you going to Scarborough fair” just to name a few….

What wonderful days they were……
Friendships, memories, the time of our life’s without any responsible or restrictions back then………

Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair: http://youtu.be/BYQaD2CAi9A

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