Disciplined mind….


The mind is a powerful tool,
Sharpened, chiselled, structured,
Produce a life you designed,
Not a life of chaos…..

Disciplined thoughts bring peace,
Practice can bring possibilities,
Days and nights in the wilderness,
Allowing for time to grow in wisdom

Once you learn true happiness,
Is from our very own soul,
Join and cherish but never forget,
Harmony holds no ego….
Disciplined minds never disconnect!



We can be with anyone in our dreams


Dreams allow for freedom of mind,
Subconscious imaginary sublime,
Resting in body yet active in spirits,
Our limits are beyond the understanding
We can be anything in our dreams……

With dusk we fall deep into a world of infinity,
Wondrous adventures taking me afar,
Having the time of fantasy thoughts,
Longing to stay in that world of wonder,
Who knows who you might meet in your dreams…..

Dawn draws closer in,
Time in the land of dreams nearing its end,
Leaving behind your hidden essence,
Rainbow carousel blinking by,
We mustn’t despair for tonight will soon appear once more…..