Deep within all of us is the ability to manifest the life we dream of!


We must change our subconscious connections, change our wiring, its years of bad thoughts, bad remarks that have lead us on this path, this path that doesn’t flow, moreover its kicking and screaming to stop the natural flow and its blocking the life intended for you!!!

Think about nature, think about a spider weaving his web, he doesn’t shout and scream if his masterpiece is destroyed by chance, he doesn’t blame anyone or anything he simply starts over again…


 Our ego our conscious mind is always unsatisfied!


In order to manifest the life we deserve, the life meant for us, we must change things, change our minds, beginning with letting life just be, stop controlling our own life and others….



Why youth is wasted on the young……

Youth is wasted on the young.

Oscar Wilde


Photograph by ‘Walter Quiet’ Flickr

This famous quote by Oscar Wilde is for me so incredibly true….
The young generally have no idea on why they are so lucky.
I’m actually embracing and loving my middle age, more so than my twenties, my thirties maybe less so because I think my awareness and depth of understanding from life experiences had kicked in by my late thirties.
The main reason behind this is purely fuelled by my ability to understand who I am and liking that.
Wisdom =Confidence


Age brings wisdom and wisdom brings confidence….

Young people really shouldn’t have to worry about the bigger picture but if they have an awareness that life can’t always been seen through rose coloured glasses and that hard work and determination, combined with respect and consideration of others can lead to a happy life.
Kindness, love and acceptance without judgement are front runners..

Not sheltering to extreme….

I’m not telling you all to neglect your children but more to take on a firm love approach.
Also an approach of respect attracts respect back to you.
Give them the chance to find their personality with respect from you the parent within a safe environment. Sounds complicated but basically grow trust by allowing them freedom at the correct times in their development and not sheltering them from all harm. Allowing them to take risks make mistakes and learn early on that we learn from our efforts and move on….


At a very early age if you tell your child they must be careful because they could fall from the slide and bang their head, well then you have logged it in their minds so most likely it could happen or worse they won’t learn how to play and grow and will live in fear of falling and making mistakes……

Trusting your children once they have demonstrated their can be trusted is incredibly powerful….

Grandparents can play an excellent part in moulding a child’s future, don’t ever underestimated their wisdom…

So next time you hear the famous quote.
‘ Youth is wasted on the young’
think carefully because for most it is!!!


Controlling the bitterness…


Holding that bitter textured feeling,
That anger engulfing my mind,
Those segments of my psyche,
Eating into everything turning life blind…….

This needs a new prospective,
Something less tangy and raw,
My taste could turn to sweetness,
If a spoonful of forgiveness was employed…..


Ten ideas for self reflection and improvement!


Photograph by ‘Jessica Warren’ Flickr

More often than not of late, I seem to be  experiencing others hurt and sadness, you only have to turn on the news and the horror of today’s world is there in all its dreadful glory!!!

I would just be ecstatic if we could quash the hate bestowed on others.

A big order but I will never give up hope, I’ll continue to grow my own self reflection and also trying my up most to help others understand there own emotions and actions of others that do ultimately cause pain and misery….

We do surely all of us long for peace of mind, a stillness that calms the human soul.
We must always remember that our thoughts are the key to everything, we are in total control of them, no one should be able to influence how we feel if we keep our minds in check.
Make it impossible for the negative energy, thrown at us by others, to not affect our lifes…..

I have over the years read many books, followed countless ideals, the two I follow and use in my everyday life are ~

‘The law of attraction’ link below if you want to learn more >>>>>>>

The other is a ‘A course in miracles’ by Marianne Williamson link below to her website well worth a look >>>>>>


My list of top ideas for self improvement and understanding….

1. Be with people that have different cultures and ideas.
This is a sure way to give you a better understanding of others and being in company when you are the minority gives a deeper feeling of trying to belong to something alien to your way of life. Thus helps with prejudice and understanding….

2. Getting closer to nature is fundamental to everyone’s health…
The trees grow, the animals have their own pecking order, the energies of nature are all in balance.
Get close to it, embrace it, smell the grass,the fragrance of the flowers, feel how you did when you played carefree as a child…

3. Forgive three people….
Letting go of past grudges helps let go of negative energy and cleanses the heart and mind..

4. Put yourself out and do something out of your routine for someone else’s advantage..
Incredibly rewarding and refreshing to put someone else’s needs before your own.

5. Walking away from confrontation…
Our ego does take over and wanting to be always right is not an attractive contribute or a good self improvement policy. Let it go and feel the satisfaction of self control.

6. Letting go of controlling ways.
We are all afraid of losing control of ours lives and sometimes we are all guilty of trying to control others and everything around us. Surrender to your inner child and feel the empowerment.

7. Meditation always beneficial.
If full meditation isn’t for you, at least always give yourself a half an hour period of quiet a day alone just with your thoughts to clear the mind.

8. My old favourite, talk to a stranger.
Getting out of your comfort zone and breaking down barrier’s, in doing so building your confidence and perhaps making someone’s day.

9. Laugh at yourself.
We all find it hard to laugh at our own mistakes and misfortunes but really humours a great grounding tool and lifts the spirit, try it!

10. Be yourself let someone into a secret of yours.
The saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved, the same goes for a secret you may have been harbouring in worry. Confiding in friends builds relationships and makes you and them feel like you all belong.

Growing and learning everyday…

Life’s a learning curve none of us can truly say we are so spiritually aware that we have nothing else to discover about ourselves.
I hope these ideas help with your self improvement in this fast moving random world we live in….


Thank you for taking the time to read.


How compassion can change your life…


Photograph by “Becky Rhodes Stiller” flickr

Today’s world is full of hatred, anger, evil barbaric acts, greed, power fuelled egotistical mankind and really I worry for where it will all end…..

We have a responsible to our children, grandchildren and future generations of this wonderful planet to ensure its safety and that of the human race…..

This is a little rant from me but seriously if I could change this horrible world of today I surely would.
I’d spread kindness, peace, compassion and forgiveness.
With all of these virtues there would be born happiness and love and harmony would spread with it bringing balance back to the world…..

Random acts of kindness….

All probably a little far fetched with my imagination running away with me again.
We can however change our immediate life’s for the better,
~ Random acts of kindness,
~Showing compassion to our loved ones and people we come into contact with,
~Altogether showing love not hatred and remembering to keep our egos under control.

So I’ve compiled a list of my favorite ways of bringing more compassion to your world.


Photograph by ” Charles Hamilton” Flicker

1. Helping someone less fortunate.

They are a growing number of homeless people here in the UK and across the world. Poverty in families is on the increase whilst the richest people become richer….
Greed on the agenda but forget that and concentrate on your actions, have compassion in your heart, show those around you that you do care and by helping someone less fortunate than yourself it will empower you in ways you never thought possible.
A random act of kindness.

2. Tell someone how lovely they are and how grateful you are for their friendship.

We forget to give praise and to have gratitude for what we have. Our life’s can become richer in friendships if we allow people our time and kindness of heart and with this it will return in kind.

3. Smile at a stranger.

I do this often, it opens your heart to maybe that old man or woman that lives alone, hasn’t seen or spoken to anyone in a while. Warm someone’s soul with your act of kindness.

4.Refrain from judgement.

We do all judge at sometime in our life’s, even regularly in some cases.
I actually think we just get into a rut and habit of judging others.
Remember none of us know where our life’s are taking us, so before you judge someone else for their actions, think about your own life first and imagine the hurt if someone did exactly that to you.
Having compassion to others instead would benefit everyone.

Small sample.

These are only a few of the many ways you can practice compassion and all the other great virtues that can change your life and attract these emotions back into your own living.

My mother had many wise sayings and stories, now she has the cruel disease Alzheimer’s, I try regularly to remember what she has taught me and one of the great morals she instilled in me and my siblings is just this ~
The strong should help the weak with kindness and compassion and without judgement”


Photograph by “Yasmin de light”

Let’s try and send our message to others ,we are lucky we have realised what life’s true message is but so many have not.
Spread this tune of wonder and let’s hope for a better future…….





If I were Queen of the world!


The world is a beautiful, wondrous place one that if you were unborn and had the ability to think it would be unbelievable paradise to you.

Do we really appreciate its capabilities, its marvel , its staggering possibilities. I doubt it we are too busy making war…..
Our children of the world see its wonder its attraction, they are not marred by power, greed and egotism.

If I were lucky enough to be Queen of the world, I’d be someone who valued its people along with its staggering natural beauty.
I’d teach forgiveness above most things, enabling man to tolerate and see itself for all its worth rather than letting man think it needs something other than what the true world already has to offer in its amazing state….

Everywhere in our 21st century world we see destruction, man struggling for power, struggling to over turn his fellow man.
Where has the compassion disappeared to, what of our conscious. We see innocent people suffer, children refugees of war. Is there no end to the slaughter……

If I were Queen of the world even for just one day, I’d show my wrath, I’d wash away the evil with pure nature itself.
I’d save the innocent from their peril put balance back into mankind and hope above all else that we could be forgiven for our madness…….


Is your ego in control?

The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it.

Criss Jami


I’m the first to admit that my ego isn’t always under control, I do find myself having to check my thoughts and think differently.
Do we really understand the power the ego has over us or how destructive it can be, love is its enemy and it will do what it can to win…

Who can think of a time when they just had to be right in an argument, or someone who is defensive, ungrateful, selfish the list goes on. I’m sure you get the idea, the ego really isn’t your friend.


The ego can be inferior as well as arrogant.

From my description you could be mistaken in thinking that the ego is only arrogant, thinking itself special and better than everyone else, judgemental full of self importance, it does have this face most definitely but also a self pity face too.
We can often feel inferior to others comparing ourselves, again taking away our happiness, this is the ego playing its games once more……

                Love vs ego….

Think of relationships, do you push love away being fearful of it, this is the ego, do you expect someone to make you happy, expectations of what a relationship can give you rather than how you can just simply share love, again the ego. Is it all about me rather than us and then needy comes to mind, once again the ego…..

“The price of love is your ego”


Lets not allow our egos to imprison us….

         Examples of the ego at work!

1. Being unable to be pleased for other peoples success.

2. Revelling in other peoples misfortunes, gossiping!

3. The judgemental behaviour of people different, socially, physically etc to ourselves.

4. Always feeling the need to be right, argumentative and stubborn, you can be right but does it really make you happier!!

5. Comparing ourselves to others thinking, wishing we were different instead of being positive. Jealously then making an entrance.

6. Lacking in gratitude and appreciation, being expectant of others to make us happy.

7. Putting the blame on others, when we know we have made a mistake etc, cowardice….

8. The lack of ability to forgive, holding a grudge and then leading to bitterness…….


” More the knowledge lesser the ego, lesser the knowledge more the ego.

Albert Einstein

                Our thoughts……
Try to control the ego, change and check your thoughts and see a difference for the better in your life.

Love is all we need, really……..


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