Never underestimate loves power!!


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The power of love, we all know the song from back in the 80s by Jennifer Rush. >>>>>>>>

A true powerful classic Ballard.

Loves power

Never underestimate loves power, it can heal, warm, smooth almost anything in its capacity if we allow it…..

The key is to not be afraid of love, it won’t let you down because you always have the ability to give love.
We must love ourselves in order to receive love and that’s often where things go wrong.
We as humans have the ability to over think, analyse and cause unnecessary anxieties.
With these over zealous thoughts of negativity we lead into low self esteem territory.


Keep thoughts positive!

Keeping the mind positive, taking life at face value and perhaps being that little bit arrogant and not worrying about what people think of you, is incredibly powerful….

Rid yourself of ego …..

The ego dampens our happiness sucks it out of our hearts, remember the ego is your enemy. 

Let love shine through!

Love needs nothing other than your realisation of its power, let it flow show it to family, friends and foe alike.
See its magic…..


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So go spread some love this weekend and watch it transform your life….



Envy’s ugly poison!


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The mood was vile and monstrous,
Gloom hung in the air,
Walking on fragile cracks of emotion,
Dare I speak in converse.

Ridiculous to feel fearfulness,
Of someone who holds envy within,
Can we guide this competitor,
To overcome the grudging poison.

Bitter of taste and mind,
Swallowed in gulps of rivalry,
Corroding away from loves cure,
Envy has turned to ugly….

Reply with compassions sweet essence,
Encasing the dark wounds with regard,
Cleansing the soul of its toxic venom
Could this envy be ugly no more……


How to combat jealousy and envy!

Not one of us can say we haven’t felt envy or jealously in our life’s at one time or another, both emotions are constraining and dreadfully destructive to our whole being…..


If we try and invisage jealously in our minds or actually had to draw or paint it, ugly would come to mind, a destructive monstrasty of a masterpiece would be created!

Understanding jealously vs envy!

Firstly to try and combat these negative soul crushing feelings we have to understand them, people do get them confused with each other , when actually they are different even though they do often appear together and produce similar reactions……



This emotion is associated with you being  envious of what someone else has or may look like, its a desire to have that for yourself.
It involves just two people and usually is focused around someone similar to yourself maybe a work colleague or friend.

For example you are envious of their house, car or good looks or perhaps that they are acheiving or receiving better treatment at work than you.
psychologists actually say that envy and competiveness are linked, that a little envy isn’t actually that bad for us because it insights more success.

Where as…….


Is more an emotion of a fear of losing someone or something and usually involves a third party. Jealously can be accompanied by envy.

For example you may feel jealous because your boyfriend/girlfriend is talking to someone else and you could be envious of their good looks.



1.  Be grateful of what you already have and try to focus your thoughts on to your differences.For example you may have something that other people envy…….

2. Don’t compare because we are all different and remember things aren’t always as they seem…….

3. Remember what really defines us are our thoughts and feelings not what we own. The quote ~ “Its nice to be important but more important to be nice”

4. Most importantly be happy and share in others success, this for me is the primary solution and possibly the hardest to achieve.

If we are continually accessing negative energy by being envious of others we are blocking positive feelings and not allowing ourselves what we actually desire……


Love yourself and each other!

It goes back to self esteem, loving yourself is decidedly difficult but to combat the pain of envy and to stop  you wanting to take others happiness away.You must feel love to others and most importantly to yourself!!!

Always remember you are special and envy and jealously of other’s will inevitably always end in disaster and upset.


So love yourself today and then love will come to you……….

Dispel envy for good!!


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