The hunger games trilogy!


I read the wonderful trilogy about four years ago now, I literally stayed up till the small hours, downloading the next book to my kindle in earnest.
Yes I was totally hooked, the strength of fearless katniss Everdeen had me reading around the clock…..

• Hunger games
• Catching Fire
• Mockingjay

The author ‘Suzanne Collins’ took some of her inspiration from Greek mythology and Roman gladiator games but not all classical, contemporary TV reality shows also played a part in her influence.
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My interpretation….

I found the story captivating, it was deeply thought provoking and emotionally strong.
Right from the start with katniss volunteering to take Primrose’s place in the games.

For me there were hidden messages of political issues relating to the world today, taken to extreme but the Capitol could be seen as the western world and the other districts working to keep the west fulfilled.

The on going love story of and even triangle of katniss, Peeta and Gail. All intriguing and keeps you guessing and wanting more.

President coriolanus Snow his ruthless greed, lies and ability to have people killed for his other gain. As in the killing of cinna…..

The revolution in the third novel Mockingjay is truly intriguing and deeply emotional.
Katniss leads the rebellion with her Courage and determination and the symbol of the revolt the Mockingjay brooch……


The trilogy has been made
into four films the first released in 2012, the Mockinghay having been made for two films and the last part of novel 3 is due out in November 2015.

If you haven’t read the trilogy or watched the screenplays then don’t hesitate because you’ll believe me absolutely love them.

Anyway looking forward to catching the last film in November and in the mean time watching the others again….

Have you read the books or watched the films?
What is your opinion on them?

Mandy. X


Fifty shades of love…..


Shades of Grey…..

I had a fantastic girly night with some wonderful friends last night, it was an anticipation of sorts, giggles, laughter and fun.

Off to the cinema for the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey”
I haven’t actually read the novels, probably only one of millions because it has been a world wide best seller so the only inkling of the plot that I had was the obvious ~ sex scenes were going to be frequently shown….

Shades of pizza.

Pizza first and a catch up was just the ticket and I did then enquire to a friend before hand about the story line really to get a bit of an idea and to my delight there was a deep baseline of psychology with the character Christian Grey….

There were I can’t deny a tremendous amount of women in the cinema, to be expected, the odd guy though and then a minority of the women who were incredibly irritating even by my standards….

Shades of understanding….

If I were a film critic and one who hadn’t previously read the novels I would review the film in a good light.

However there will be cynical, fickle remarks around the film that’s inevitable as controversies due to feminism….

Yes there is the story line of almost in fashion right now of dominant and submissive, but let’s look deeper into Christian Greys feelings.


Shades of fear….

Anastasia Steele is a romantic English literature student who falls in love with Christian, love being the operative word, his troubled past has scarred him into being unable to love…
There is the pleasure, the sex and bondage but for me the real message just from this first movie is love.

I’m hoping the other two novels uncover and add more of an insight into the dominant role which in my opinion he is fundamentally just hiding behind….

This isn’t for me a film, novel or story of misogyny but more a love story unfolding in our modern world…

I hope I won’t be disappointed with the next chapters, if you haven’t yet been go and see the film its worth it…..

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