Have a great St Patrick’s day!


Wishing you all the luck of the Irish today….
Happy St Patrick’s Day!



My childhood haunt!!!


I grew up in an amazing community with numerous friends, we all had adventures of great magnitude…

I don’t particular remember having one certain hideout where I took my imagination, it was to be perfectly honest with me at all times…

Marble magic….
We played fantastic games in drains and on dried out grass, digging out holes to roll our wondrous glass marvels of iridescent glass, catching the light from the warm days sun. The biggest marbles being the prized possessions of those most fortunate.
I gazed in ore at their beauty.
To this very day I have a significant treasured collection……

Dens and hideouts
Grass building of dens and clothes horses and bed sheets were another captured imaginative activity. The long hot summer of 75 was one we had many a late night playing cricket on the green with teams in great competition to win or out with our tennis bats knocking the hell out of the sticky vile July bugs up in the many trees surrounding our streets……

Those naive days of care free dreams, the smells, the tastes all leaving many marks on whom we have become.

Emotional teens
I do remember taking to my bedroom which was shared with my older sister and listening on my brothers cherished record player, to his Simon and Garfunkel LP.
“Like a bridge over troubled waters….”   “Are you going to Scarborough fair” just to name a few….

What wonderful days they were……
Friendships, memories, the time of our life’s without any responsible or restrictions back then………

Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair: http://youtu.be/BYQaD2CAi9A

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We all need friendship!

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words…….



Photography ~ Raj koppula.

Friendship is priceless…..

We all have friends, some are merely acquaintance’s, some are casual contacts but there are a handful maybe less, that are truly special friends.

Childhood friendships…

We all remember our childhood playground experiences of friends, back then it was based on games played together, toys shared, even sometimes just down to the geographic reason of being neighbours.
Either way childhood friends if kept into adulthood are extremely special.
The experience of literally growing up together, memories of wonderful fun times is incredibly powerful, an almost identity between you both is present, truly priceless….

Work friends!

I myself have made some amazing friends through my work, one in particular has been present in my life and remains a constant support to the present time. I have been blessed…
However this isn’t true of all work colleagues sometimes the competition of getting ahead can raise that green eyed monster I have discussed before.
Friendships have to be based on mutual respect for their success.

Definition of friendship!

1. Friends have mutal respect, except each other for being exactly who they are without any judgement.
2. Similar moral and social beliefs and interests.
3. Have experienced ups and downs and have always shown forgiveness and compassion.
4. Understanding of each others good and bad traits.
5. Standing by each other in times of troubles with a listening ear and showing sympathy….
6. Maybe the hardiest being genuinely happy and excited for each others successes.

The list goes on…..


Photograph by Malina Sternberg.

The Dunbar theory!

Robin Dunbar a British anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist and a specialist in primate behaviour, came up with a number of “150” people the number we can interact with to read more on this subject just follow the link below….
>>>>>> >http://bit.ly/1tS2f5h&lt; <<<<<<

Social Media friendships.

With today’s technology we now have hundreds of friends, Facebook, twitter, google +, even has circles for your different kind of friends, best, family, acquaintance, work etc, its endless.
Some people say this new form of social interaction isn’t healthy for us, maybe the amount, the numbers are dangerous or risky but from my experience social media enables us to make truly good friends too.

Have a read of my blog titled ~ Is social media damaging our health…
Click on the link below -:
>>>> > http://wp.me/p5rh4Q-1a < <<<<

My reflection…….

Friendship is good for the soul, openness, sharing experiences, helping with self esteem, all things positive.
I look forward to meeting up with my special friends, I cherish them, I’m grateful for their frankness, honesty, kindness and laughter.


I’m off to met up with one of my good friends today, why don’t you do the same, ring them, message, text, email, communication is now endless,  keep making memories….

Can you remember your best childhood friendship?


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