How to avoid those Winter germs


Photograph by Russ Seidel ~ Flickr


Its that time of the year when germs are everywhere and colds and flu viruses are prevalent.
We all try our up most to avoid any contamination with germs.
It can however be something of a losing battle.
I find building the immune system is one of the main ways to combat or at least to limit the duration of these nasty Winter aliments…

I want to share my remedies and magic potion’s and ideas that I swear by. There is some truth in them, really!

My list of essentials!

1. At the very top and probably my number one remedy is the tincture of the flower of Echniacea. I use it as a preventative, 12 drops in a small amount of fruit juice every morning during the Winter months and having a week off after every 4 weeks.
If however I’m unfortunate enough to catch a cold, I then up it to three times a day until its nearly disappeared…


Beautiful photograph of a echniacea flower by ~ Bernd Loos ~ flickr

2. Vitamin C is no stranger to any of you I’m sure, I take a high strength with zinc its benefit is again in building the immune system.

3. Exercise whether the gym, swimming  or just walking all on a regular bases, at least 20mins a day of raising the heart rate all helps increase the immune system ~ the link below will give a more in depth explanation >>>>>>>>>


4. The obvious one is getting enough sleep to let your body properly repair and rest. #priceless

5. Again you probably know this but eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as a balanced diet.The five super foods are particularly interesting and beneficial ~ Berries, Tomatoes. Avocado, cucumber and all the greens you can stomach. Click the link below for more information by “Dr Mercola”


6. This is my powerful one if you can master it, the mind has quite extraordinary influence. This isn’t for everyone but I do tell my body using my mind that it doesn’t have a sore throat etc, it has worked for me in the past. Mind over matter….

7. A delicious one and a preventative again, local honey to your area, drizzled over your toast in the morning and sprinkled with cinnamon. Alternatively in a warm drink a tablespoon of honey, hot water and cinnamon to taste, both gorgeous and they again benefit your immunity.


Hoping now to avoid the germs.

Well I hope you are all staying healthy this winter of 2015 and you find my remedies useful.
Keep busy with those thoughts of positivity and the Spring will soon be here.

Do you have any potions of your own or ones brought down the generations by family that you could share with me?



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