Why do we gossip?


Photograph by “Adhar Bahrudin”

We all love a good “gossip” if we are perfectly honest, its not perhaps the kindest thing to participate in and usually we all feel incredibly guilty whilst doing it!!!
So what is the reasoning behind it all….

Anthropologists actually believe that early man and throughout time gossip has been a tool to help humans bond and feel like they fit in.

“Guess what”¬† I said,
“No really, oh shocking, I can’t believe that, who would of thought it”¬† gasped my friend

Does this sound familiar, the exchange of gossip at someone else’s expense…

Media gossip….

Possibly nowadays its not as simple as in the school playground, office or at the garden gate type chit chat.

It has all taken to a new level, there are gossip magazine, reality TV shows where bitching is watched by millions just for higher ratings and the fundamental pleasure and entertainment of us the viewers or readers…

Social media platforms….

The higher platform of gossip in our fast moving 21st century digital technology fueled society is social media…
Think of twitter, Facebook, stories are like lightening crossing around the world, if a gossip type story gets momentum its very powerful and damaging to those involved….


Bonding but damaging!!!

So bonding groups but isolating those not joining in or worse ostracising and even demonizing the victims of their contempt…
If you have ever fallen foul to such hurtful accusations, you’ll understand such feelings of damage.
It may seem trivial to us when engaged in such idle gossip but really our actions can have powerful repercussions on other peoples self esteem.

People seem to thrive on others downfalls…

So sad that there isn’t more compassion and less comparison in today society.
Let’s try and find different ways to feel acceptance and less emphasise on feeding off other’s misfortunes…
Karma has a nasty way of catching up with you and so next time you hear a gossip communication taking place, try and put yourself in that persons shoes…..
Compassion, empathy, understanding, non judgement.
All ways to gain acceptance without¬† gossip…

Whether it be in the school playground, in the office workplace,on social media or more public gossip. Let’s try and withstand that feeling of fitting in so less gossip and more acceptance of those around us…..


Photograph by ” Joanne liu ”

Do you think gossip is harmful?


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