Trusting truth…..


Upon your trust I sit in kind,
Balancing my life of chaos,
Only one jerk and I could fall,
Down into the gloomy abyss.

Could trust hold my heart,

Could trust understand my mind,

Don’t drop me………

Trust is blue clear and exactness,
Certainty if believed,
Shall I jump from this ledge,
Leaving behind my safety net.

I trust you with my life,

I trust you with my soul

I trust you will not drop me……

With trust like diamond casing,
Now securing any cracks,
Sealed sheltering emotions,
Basking in splendour of protection.

Trust has come to settle,

Confidence of hope and faith,

In that peace will fall upon…..





I dwell on Possibilities of time,
If time were only eternal,
Our time however is limited and precious,
Preserve, cherish, endear in your memory.

New possibilities erase the old,
Ashes made from thoughts lost,
Let’s now concentrate on the promise,
For with this new found energy things will grow….

Hope has always simmered,
For now it has manifested,
Its colour is turquoise fresh and clean,
Blowing in the wind of the hands of times…

Like a petal in a rose bud,
Unfolding on times count
No sooner than its ready to climax,
To open to its prize of scent…


Beauty of peace….


Photograph by Giovanni Arteaga’

If peace were a vision we could see,
Its reflection would leave a translucent shimmer,
Rainbow full of promise,
Diamond sparkling glamour…..

Hopeful in its million pieces,
Clearing away the fear,
Its carpet of beautiful calm,
Alive with possibilities of greatness…..

Divinely inspired for mankind’s peace,
The world would give out a sigh,
Birds would sing in harmony,
Their chorus heard from faraway fields……

Vibrant, pastel, claret or velvet,
Tactile textured dreams of peace,
Its beauty would cleanse the earth,
I hope its beauty can become one day…..


Admission of raw compassion!!


This post today on my Facebook news feed blew me away.
I have known this man writing the status, as an acquaintance for many years, only recently I sat with him on a train journey into Nottingham for a course I was attending, he was off to work, the journey he takes five days a week.


It turns out he actually works with homeless people, so his compassion is not only genuine but he practice’s it for a job also…

It has made me feel truly wonderful knowing that there are still people out there that don’t judge others.
My hope is never flawed but sometimes the action of others merely for their own gain does wear heavy on my shoulders.
So therefore to see such a refreshing fantastic admission of honest raw concern for someone less fortunate than himself is heartwarming and has given me a new lease of enthusiasm to carry on spreading the word of goodwill and kindness through my blog…..



Onwards we travel with love in our hearts…..

Mandy x

A story of inspiration….. #Sam


Thinking about getting ready for a sports dinner for tonight, getting our glad rags on, long dresses, black tie the works.
Feeling excited, spending time with my family and friends, but there is a serious note behind all the joy and laughter.

Just 18 months ago, a friend, a very inspirational, beautiful young man the same age as my son lost his battle with a brain tumour, that he’d been fighting for near on five years.
His strength, his determination was unbelievable, he taught everyone who knew him many lessons…..
He was just 16 years of age but what he achieved in that time was unquestionable…
His parents are the most wonderful people I have ever had the pleasure to know, I’m proud and honoured to be their friends.
They have shown only courage in the face of such adversity.

Tonight is a fund raising event for the Sam white legacy and memorial
Link below to the website please visit >>>>>>

His parents have continued with fund raising without question and are helping with research and financially supporting other young people and their families………

This song is a tribute to Sam he will be in my heart forever and tonight when I’m laughing, dancing, drinking he’ll be never far from all our thoughts.

Proud – Heather Small, M People:


He had a smile of gold, he is a legend in our town here in the UK….
So please let’s help other young people to fight teenage cancers, let’s support his legacy because that was his wish for fundraising to carry-on…..




Thanks to everyone for reading this post.

I dedicate it to the memory of ~

‘Sam white’    1 /11/96 to 3/9/13


Everything is hope!


Without it we are lost,
It gives purpose for tomorrow,
I see it in my daydreams,
Even in my slumber.

Its like a shower of rainbows,
Pots of gold to find,
Let’s hold onto hope,
For all of mankind.

The softest silkiest yarn,
Tactile texture to touch,
For hope is divine
Upon our own fair skin.

So wake everyday with hope,
Then onward you will roam,
For in your heart will live a dream,
That’s always true to win ….

Never give up on hope!


The strength of man!


Don’t hide your face in shame,

Be strong show faith go forth,

Some will fall that is the form,

But the strong will prevail….


Strength has many faces to show,

Humanity, tenderheartedness without shame,

Following grace, involving rapture,

Strength holds the fall that is the form…..


It has conviction for others too,

Never selfish cruel or pretentious,

Humbled man in all his glory,

Will strength, can it hold the fall…..


Mankind evolves without still,

Forward he does march with gain,

Remember I ask to hold the fall,

For without the strong we could fail…..



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The colour of peace……


Photograph by ” Traudl Becker”

Dare I ask for peace in this turbulent world of silent wars
The colour of war is dark and dissolute
Anger, abounded with fear
Yet still I hope for a glint of light.

Peace what is its colour
In this sea of red and rage…
We are abundant with hate
Power people embrace in their foolhardiness

Could it be translucent or sublime
Maybe more a cool blue breeze
Or perhaps full meadow green and yellow
Yes I will dare ask for peace….

Let’s cast a dream of hope
Crimson washed to sea
Darkness erased by an energy of illuminate
Onwards we will wander seeking for our own true colour…..


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My childhood haunt!!!


I grew up in an amazing community with numerous friends, we all had adventures of great magnitude…

I don’t particular remember having one certain hideout where I took my imagination, it was to be perfectly honest with me at all times…

Marble magic….
We played fantastic games in drains and on dried out grass, digging out holes to roll our wondrous glass marvels of iridescent glass, catching the light from the warm days sun. The biggest marbles being the prized possessions of those most fortunate.
I gazed in ore at their beauty.
To this very day I have a significant treasured collection……

Dens and hideouts
Grass building of dens and clothes horses and bed sheets were another captured imaginative activity. The long hot summer of 75 was one we had many a late night playing cricket on the green with teams in great competition to win or out with our tennis bats knocking the hell out of the sticky vile July bugs up in the many trees surrounding our streets……

Those naive days of care free dreams, the smells, the tastes all leaving many marks on whom we have become.

Emotional teens
I do remember taking to my bedroom which was shared with my older sister and listening on my brothers cherished record player, to his Simon and Garfunkel LP.
“Like a bridge over troubled waters….”   “Are you going to Scarborough fair” just to name a few….

What wonderful days they were……
Friendships, memories, the time of our life’s without any responsible or restrictions back then………

Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair:

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Missing her…….

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, mother, heartbreaking, understanding, miss


Amongst the realisation, the acceptance, anger and then the caring is the sad fact that you just miss them so deeply, its heartbreaking
She is there before us in body but not mind……

A mother teaches so much, gives without wanting reward, unconditional love to her children with all her heart.

We are so much of what our mothers mould us to become, the nurture, the love, fun, laughter, the milestones of childhood, struggles at times but a mum is always there with a keen ear and mind with all the right answers.
She supports and encourages, educates, teaches us our fundamental morales…..

We go on to share our life’s, our journey the things we have been taught stay for a lifetime.
We pass our experiences to our own children and so on it goes, the legacy of a person grows through families…..

That is why the heartbreak of Alzheimer’s is so cruel, the person you knew becomes so different but looks the same, the understanding of its complexities are impossible to relate unless you are experiencing it first hand.

I try to focus on what it was like and remember her as she was and not allowing myself to become clouded by the here and now…

Not having that person to confide in, sound off to, get that motherly advice when still she’s before you is unbelievably upsetting.
Being positive and dealing with what each day may bring is the only way forward.

My only advice to all of you is despite our busy lives, see your parents. Their wisdom is ten fold to any school education….
See them while they are here, cherishing, embracing them because one day they will not…..

If you are experiencing loved ones with dementia or Alzheimer’s do comment let’s help each other…..


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