Disciplined mind….


The mind is a powerful tool,
Sharpened, chiselled, structured,
Produce a life you designed,
Not a life of chaos…..

Disciplined thoughts bring peace,
Practice can bring possibilities,
Days and nights in the wilderness,
Allowing for time to grow in wisdom

Once you learn true happiness,
Is from our very own soul,
Join and cherish but never forget,
Harmony holds no ego….
Disciplined minds never disconnect!



Making the most of it!!


Photograph by Sion Fullana Flickr

Life’s rich tapestry is there for us all, ups downs, lows and highs.
I have a very wise friend who once told me we are all in the sh#t its just different levels, sometimes just your toes are in, another time your right up to your neck in it…..
Always makes me smile this analogy but so incredibly true.

For me though its about making the most of our time here, maybe this ideology does only come about with age and experience but trying to find a positive in all adversity’s and appreciation of the wonderful moments is the key to happiness and contentment.

Having a go!

Sometimes we miss out because we are afraid of looking silly or just plain failure but really making the most of whatever is the best principle…

I love my cover picture and this is an excellent example of someone thinking out of the box making the most of it, not having a garden but still reading, enjoying the sun on a balcony, genius….

Don’t put obstacles in the way, don’t miss out just because…….

So go everyday enjoy what life has to offer, taste, smell, see, enjoy, laugh, smile and even cry because we are creatures of emotion and feeling is what we desire, its what gives us the passion and it creates those all so important memories…..

Go live, go make the most if it….




Soft sweet tactile texture,
Delight of taste comes to mind,
Think deeper into its flesh,
Moist memorable pleasure…..

We all must experience delight,
Having such enchantment of ecstasy, Experienced denialism stealing your joy
So indulgence we must explore….

Mandy. X

Simple joy of life……


Photograph by Sarah Heinrichs ‘Flickr

Joy penetrates the essence of our being,
Its vibrant like that of the suns rays,
Lighting the soul from within.
Warming every human molecule…

Its energy will magnify tenfold,
Touching the very heart of us,
Capturing along the way,
Joyous laughter will unfold….

Seal her smile and keep,
For those eyes hold true happiness,
We all deserved a glance,
At what joyfulness can achieve…