5 ways to help with procrastination!


We all procrastinate sometimes!

The saying you’ll miss the boat or just plain old lazy come to mind when I hear the word procrastination!

‘Can’t be bothered’ or
‘I’ll do it later’,
‘I’ve started I’ll definitely finish it soon’.

These are all phrases that are often heard when procrastinating.

So exactly what does this rarer long word mean……

Definition >>>

the act or habit of procrastinating, or putting off or delaying, especially something requiring immediate attention:
She was smart, but her constant procrastination led her to be late with almost every assignment.


So yes we all do sometimes procrastinate, after all we are only human. Nobodies perfect are they ……?

There are ways you can help with procrastination though, to keep motivated,productive and to achieve your goal, whatever that may be from graduation to simply tidying the house.

All ways you end a winner and feel better about yourself and everything around you.

Tips to stop procrastination!

1. Eliminate the perfect time.
We all say its not the right time, I need a rest, a sleep, I’m hungry or I’ll do it tomorrow. Eliminate these excuses be brutal to yourself and think of that old fashion saying, there’s no time better than the present!

2. Go public with your plans.
If you share your ideas, actions you are hoping to achieve or partake in, for example a new venue, a marathon, then you’ll be more likely to succeeded because you’ll not want to look failed when asked about it at a later date.

3. Bargain with yourself for a treat afterwards!
Tell yourself and envisaged it when getting distracted that after you finish you’ll spoil yourself, even something as simple as a coffee and your favourite cake, or more special like a new dress or a night at the pictures.

4. Write a list but with deadline dates.
My favourite is always a list and crossing the things off is for me so rewarding. Make sure you put the things you least want to do at the top of that list and give it a date to be achieved by. That way it can’t just get forgotten.

5. Involve someone else to help!
Lessen the load with help from a friend and also to give that feeling of not letting someone else down, the guilt card I suppose. This kills two birds with one stone because you won’t feel so overwhelmed and then turn to procrastinating.


You hopefully won’t miss the boat!!

So with these tips in practice you’ll hopefully now not miss that boat because no one wants to be left on the shore when the tides coming in…..




Fires burning…….


Photograph by ‘Jacob Earl’Tonrs

Tones of flickering energy,
Capture mind and body,
Desires of warmth unite,
As its felt deep within.

Ultra violet at its base,
Holding until eruption,
Incandescent colours of scorching titian and tangerine…..

We all spark fires energy,
Be ready when it lights,
For with its raging tinder’s,
Searing work can be done….

Fear not the depths of fire,
Embrace its luminosity of heat,
Erase any destruction,
Go forth instead with glowing purpose…



What’s your passion….?


Photography by “Antone”
                   “Passion flower”

I constantly inform people that I am a passionate person that has strong feelings towards things that are important to me.

Looking at this beautiful truly amazing gift of nature “passion flower” it has a strong sense of who it is, it attracts us with its magnificent colours,shapes and smell, absolutely wonderful…..

We can find our own passions from looking at ourselves….

Definition and true origin of the word passion!
The Oxford dictionary has many meanings the link above gives you them all ~
1. An intense desire or enthusiasm for something :  the English have a passion for gardens.

2 . sexual love : their all-consuming passion for each other.

3 . The suffering and death of Jesus : meditations on the Passion of Christ.

So the meaning of passion actually originates from the word “suffering, the suffering of Christ…..
This gives a total new swing on where our passion really comes from, wouldn’t you agree?
We have changed its meaning over time and in a round about way its now a “Love of something”

Ways to help find your passion!

So if it comes from suffering, let’s think about that.
What challenges have you faced?
How have you overcome them?
We need experience, hardship, a hunger to actually have a passion.

It has been proved in history that successful people whom originated from difficult childhoods or humble backgrounds went on drawing from their experience and then to succeed using their love. ( Their suffering after forgiveness to become love.)


“We think too much and feel too little”
Charlie Chaplin.

He suffered poverty and even the Work house twice….


So instead of looking and reading books for ways to find your passion in life, stop and look inside yourself, look at what you have endured and draw your desires from there…….

Do always bare in mind though you must seek forgiveness within yourself to overcome suffering because otherwise you’ll be left only with bitterness and anger!

M People – Search for the Hero: http://youtu.be/ntuqTuc6HxM

What is your real passion in life?


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Whats on your bucket list?


Its my birthday next week and I’m edging closer to that big 50 “arghhhhh!!”

It got me thinking though I really must write a bucket list, tomorrow’s never a promise and I’m not someone to have regrets but then again I wouldn’t wish to reach the grand old age of 80 and feel like I hadn’t achieved my dreams,goals and desires…..

As you probably already know from my previous posts I’m a bit of a list addict so this will come completely natural to me….

What is a bucket list?

For any of you that don’t know the phrase, term bucket list its definition is –

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
“making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list”

early 21st century: from the phrase kick the bucket ‘die’

When its put like that ” kick the bucket – die”  it really hits home……

I suppose it will help me see my life in a completed kind of way, give me a clearer vision of where I’m heading.

I’m not the type generally for forward planning beyond my day to day activies though,  other than the time management plans I rely on.

However it’ll be something to give me an incentive of keeping enthusiasm in mind, positive thinking….


Photograph by ” Paula Valentim”

Let’s fill that bucket……..

Here’s some ideas for your bucket list that I’ve compiled from friends  family and myself.
Let’s not waste anymore time, let’s start on this insightful activity and give our existence some direction, even if we don’t complete the entire itinerary….

1. Travel to a destination you long to see. Mine is the Great wall of China and San Francisco.
Walk the wall and drive up and down the hilly streets in an American old fashioned 70s car….


Photograph by ” Keith Roper”

2. Thrilling or scary activity.
Bungy jumping or sky diving come to mind, can’t honestly say this is on my list. Maybe horse riding on a beautiful beach but everyone to their own. Never say never…..


Photograph by “Ticino-joana”

3. Drop a dress size and get in the best shape of your life.
Fitness and health with nutrition are so important for healthy living both physically and mentally.

4. Learn a different language or skill.
Education is immense and even if its a different skill it will benefit who you are.
A painting, photographic, cooking course, something you have always fancied doing…. #priceless
Silversmith I must try….

5. Run a marathon, or do a triathlon or even climb a mountain.
Push yourself to an extreme, taking you out of your comfort zone. This will help you learn so much about yourself.


6. Volunteer or help others without reward.
Help out at a homeless shelter, this is something I will put on my bucket list. Doing a service or volunteering is incredibly impowering, you are doing something because you wish to and not for material gain.

What you waiting for?

These are only a few ideas, just thought of another, learn a new sport, I fancy kick boxing!
Its a fantastic way to focus your direction and remember our thoughts materialise into actions far more likely if written down…..

So go have fun, make some amazing memories and have no regrets…..

What is top of your bucket list?



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The importance of sport for children!

For me sport at school wasn’t either my favorite or least wished for lesson.
I was pretty average until it came to hockey.
I can honestly say I was taught an incredible amount from my experience in the hockey team.
Team work, camaraderie, and most importantly that hard work and practice does pay off and it leads to improvement. Meaning I became a better player, with that came incredible positivity and confidence…


It was of no real surprise then that when I had children of my own, that I would be strongly insistent that they took up some form of sport from an early age.
My son was playing if playing is the correct term, possibly better described as chasing a ball around in large groups, obviously football from the age of three.
He was boisterous and full of energy, sport just seemed the obvious answer.
It not only tired him out which at the time was great, because he then slept better, but for his future taught him all the lessons and more than I even or could possibly have hoped for.


Both my children are actively involved in sport still and possibly both may follow career’s into that field in the near future.

Despite my experience from my own early teenage years with the advantage of sport, I could never realise the huge positive impact it would have on my children’s lifes

The impact on children’s development.

Its been proven that sport in children’s development both mentally and physically can only be described as positive…..
It helps develop –
1. Honesty
2. Team building skills.
3. Respect for themselves and others.
4. Fair play.
5. Being able to stick to rules.
6. Discipline.
7. Healthier life style
8. Competitive understanding, losing and winning the lessons learnt from both.

The link below gives more detailed reading “Sport and dev.org”
> > > > http://bit.ly/1tJeKpd < < <

The list is endless and with all these advantages and more, not forgetting most importantly there is the enjoyment, fun, the great friendships that are all fueled by being part of a team.


I can whole heartily say and recommend anyone with young children to encourage sport into their early life’s. Whether it be football, rugby, cricket or individual sports like swimming, golf, althletics just to name a few, because the benefits out way all the long journey’s to matches or practice.
Not only that I actually miss those days, wonderful memories made and friends too…….


What was your favorite sport at school?

Thanks for reading….


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Ways to help you stay motivated!

Its mid January how are you doing with your goals, hopefully sticking to them….
Read my blog from early January to help keep you motivated.

Some of you will probably say, “There’s no real point in New Year’s resolutions, waste of time” but it doesn’t have to be January to change something in your life, its just tradition I suppose.
We can start on a new journey at anytime!


The only person really stopping or holding you back is yourself…..

You are only lying unto yourself! Deceitful, denial,deception dress it up however you like, the only person to lose out is you…..
            Motivation defined!

We need motivation, we hear people expressing that they need more motivation, a lack of it inevitably leads to some form of failure!

Motivation is basically our conscious or unconscious stimulation of our energy resulting in our behaviour to achieve or not, depending on own personal levels. To put it simply our desire to do something………


     Three factors define our motivation.

1. Literally our hunger, desire to want to succeed, our need.

2. The reward in achieving our goal!

3. Our own expectations of our goal!


We are all driven by different hungers, different needs, some say its the reward of money, the reward of success, reaching your full potential.
Others say its the reward of making a difference……..
Whichever way we will always have to have a need to be motivated to ultimately succeed!!!


         Ideas on keeping motivated!

1. Write down your reasons for your goal. This is your need, your desire and once its written in front of you and is available for future reference when your motivation may have fallen it can spark you to keep going.

2. Visualise your goal, imagine the end result, feel it, touch it ,smell it, engage your sense’s. Again this method can help keep motivation high, it enables you to see your reward.

3. Only we know what we think is achievable but sometimes we have to push the boundaries, be realistic but without pain there is no gain…….


These are only a few of the factors affecting motivation, there is social, power, control, growth just to name a few, the link below to “life hack” explains in more detail the different factors…..

>>>> > > http://bit.ly/1xBRhEx < <


It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
William Shakespeare

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we often might win by fearing to attempt.
William Shakespeare


Let’s keep motivated this January, or anytime you decide to make a change within your life, for the better.

You are worth it, you can succeed, we all can.
Keep checking those thoughts and then your feelings will follow suit.


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