What is the true meaning of the “Lord of the rings”

Having watched on two consecutive evenings two of the “The lords of the rings” written by “J R R Tolkien” trilogy with my son I hasten to add, I got to thinking and we discussed what is the true meaning of the The lord of the rings”


This incredibly popular story and since recently movies are on further investigation often under scrutiny of their true meaning.

J R R Tolkien first published the story in three novels over a course of a year from July 1954 to October 1955
Taking into account he began his work on this fantasy Masterpiece in 1917 and really carried on working on it through the two world wars.
The three books are :
” The Fellowship of the Ring”
” The Two Towers”
” The Return of the King”



The meaning behind the story has been under extensive analysis from many, its been stated it has origins in mythology and was influenced because of his dislike of industrialisation.

The main outline of the story being centred around one ring and that ring being the downfall of all and for man, elf or dwarf to be influenced by its darkness as intended by the dark lord Sauron who forged it.


My take on this amazing fantasy

Well I see many meanings,  many relationships and powerful messages.

1. I am intrigued by the wonder of the relationships of the hobbits, Frodo, Sam, Merry and pippin. Friendships that dispite many knocks stay strong and loyal and are wonderful to follow.


2. Good over evil with Frodo and Sam throwing the ring into Mount Doom. In the third and final book “The Return of the the King”

3. The importance of home with the hobbits talking about the shires and longing to be back there throughout the whole story.

4. To never under estimate anyone, with the hobbits showing determination despite everything being against them to succeed.

5. The magic of the wizard Gandalf and heroic efforts always helping the good. Its been noted from some that actually he symbolises Angels.


6. The diversity of the Elves, Dwarves and man and their cultures being so different. Despite this their alliance is formed and helps the fight against darkness.

7. The disturbing twisted personality of Gollum who’s obsession with the ring and calling it Precious is a constant battle of his two selves throughout the books.


8. Everyone falls in love with Aragon and he has a life long love affair with Arwen throughout the story.


9. The brutality of the Orcs and the drudgery of their existence almost being a similarity to industrialisation.

Hidden messages.

All dramatic films leave an impression in our minds as do events of high drama in our very existence.
Take from this fantasy what you will but those hidden messages are there just as they are in our life’s.
So use your inner depth whenever possible and remember thoughts and feelings are what make us.

Peace fell upon middle earth and all was well, try and reach peace within yourself and see your life transform.

What is your opinion on “The lord of the Rings” ?

Mandy. x

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