I dwell on Possibilities of time,
If time were only eternal,
Our time however is limited and precious,
Preserve, cherish, endear in your memory.

New possibilities erase the old,
Ashes made from thoughts lost,
Let’s now concentrate on the promise,
For with this new found energy things will grow….

Hope has always simmered,
For now it has manifested,
Its colour is turquoise fresh and clean,
Blowing in the wind of the hands of times…

Like a petal in a rose bud,
Unfolding on times count
No sooner than its ready to climax,
To open to its prize of scent…



What’s your purpose?


Photograph by ‘Rahee Nerurkar’ Flickr

I do believe we all ask ourselves or each other at one time or another, that fundamental question, especially as we grow older, because life’s trials and tribulations only become harder to understand and deal with, or maybe its because we do become wiser.
More in tuned with the moment so therefore its a nature progression and only to be expected to ask that deep thought provoking question of………….

What’s life really all about?

We may all have a different take on the answer to this question, others have to!

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Robert Bryne

To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit finds purpose of a life in reason.

Johann Gottfried Herder

These are some of my favourite quotes and quite honestly my answer would be that in my opinion
The meaning of life is to have a purpose.
However big or small just to always feel needed, appreciated and most importantly to be giving life a reason,a purpose, leaving a mark while you’re here for when you are no more…

Remembering some of my own quotes…

Its nice to be important,
But its more important to be nice!!!

It isn’t necessary what you do that a person remembers you for moreover its how you make them feel for how they remember you….


So for me always being busy,
Having hobbies.
• Helping other people.
• Making others feel worthwhile.
• Success from hard work with an  equal and fair partnership with fellow man.
• Compassion, love ,respect.

Success on a large scale or tiny will always equate to purpose, as long as there is no unfair treatment of others helping you in your cause.

Passion of heart and mind without judgement…

I’ll leave you with a song to ponder your purpose….
Watch “Eva Cassidy – Over The Rainbow” on YouTube


Fires burning…….


Photograph by ‘Jacob Earl’Tonrs

Tones of flickering energy,
Capture mind and body,
Desires of warmth unite,
As its felt deep within.

Ultra violet at its base,
Holding until eruption,
Incandescent colours of scorching titian and tangerine…..

We all spark fires energy,
Be ready when it lights,
For with its raging tinder’s,
Searing work can be done….

Fear not the depths of fire,
Embrace its luminosity of heat,
Erase any destruction,
Go forth instead with glowing purpose…



The fight!


Anticipation hung in the air,
The crowd chanting his name,
Ding ding…..
Fists flying, punches pounding,
Sweat dripping, feet dancing.

Nervous sensations rising,
Knotting tighter with an adrenaline cocktail,
Ding ding….
Tension grows like lightening strikes,
Heads duck,arms jabbing with intentions…

Aggression with passion drives forth,
Chorus of support is heard in unison,
Ding ding….
Tired dizzy competitors,
A stream of cuts of red appear.

Strike,thud,noise of gloves on flesh,
What a spectacular spectacle of onslaught,
Ding ding….
Awaiting the result of high hopes
Held breath for reward warranted……

Jubilation, cheers of joy and utter relief
Its a triumph he won!!!

Well done Adam my nephew in your title fight..,..


Do you love, hate in relationships?


Photograph by ‘Rosa’ Flickr

It has become so apparent to me from my writing, which is a revelation in many terms. That I feel emotions so intensely, that of empathy and compassion and on the other scale of hate, perhaps hate is too strong a word, dislike being a far superior description….
I have always thought of myself as passionate, I have been referred to by friends, family and lovers as highly strung, but now from this fantastic exercise of my personal blog I at last understand my persona!!

Its liberating, refreshing and perhaps a relief,  also I am trying to control the flip side of me, by not letting my ego run wild, its the thinking, feeling thing I’m always banging on about!


Photograph by ‘Mac d-ski photography

Do you love, hate in relationships?

It can be incredibly destructive this love, hate kind of relationship especially when it comes to boyfriend/ girlfriend emotions.
Intensely wild and hot in the bedroom but such heartache and disappointment in the real day to day affair.
Arguments and confrontation are paramount and things are very turbulent….

Psychologists do say it can point to a low self esteem which isn’t somewhere I would of put myself. The link below explains in more detail >>>>>>>>

However there is the theory that love and hate are not so far apart, when you love deeply it is natural to want to keep that positive wonderful feeling to ourselves protecting it, whereas with hate we share that feeling with others more freely.
Think about gossip and the need to tell!!
So to conclude if you love so deeply its only understandable that to protect it we could end up hating different aspects of the relationship in order for it to balance, thus and its protection…..


Photograph by ‘Manuel Orero’ Flickr

All in all its not a relationship trait I would recommend for long term, complicated and diverse are only a few of its problems…

Do you recognise yourself as being a love,hate type?

This song by U2 is very fitting >>>>>>
U2 – With Or Without You: http://youtu.be/XmSdTa9kaiQ

Mandy. X

Wounds of time!


Peering through the Winter glass,
Blinking in utter disbelief,
Realisation of what the focus sees,
Pointed, high heeled leather
Female shiny adornments!!

Agony ripping through the soul,
Pain is undescribable…..
Aching heart of crumbling dreams,
Anger, fury, covering the screaming hurt,
Dizzy with sickness of fear…

Screaming from memories of love,
Apart from reality so floating in pure rage,
Blinded by a women’s wrath,
How could this be,
Infidelities destruction lies in ruins!

Wounds laid raw for the world to see,
Passerby’s show of drama,
Taking revenge would unburden the heart,
Ease the throbbing misery,
Disperse the torment of injury.

A fracas of battling hearts,
The quarrel however soon dissolved,
For where can this but lead,
So bitterness could take hold,
For hurt once turns to bleed.

This wound will heal on forgiveness,
Time is of the essence,
Elements warm and mend the anguish,
Chains thaw from the heart,
This wound of passion hence healing for achievement…..


Fifty shades of love…..


Shades of Grey…..

I had a fantastic girly night with some wonderful friends last night, it was an anticipation of sorts, giggles, laughter and fun.

Off to the cinema for the infamous “Fifty Shades of Grey”
I haven’t actually read the novels, probably only one of millions because it has been a world wide best seller so the only inkling of the plot that I had was the obvious ~ sex scenes were going to be frequently shown….

Shades of pizza.

Pizza first and a catch up was just the ticket and I did then enquire to a friend before hand about the story line really to get a bit of an idea and to my delight there was a deep baseline of psychology with the character Christian Grey….

There were I can’t deny a tremendous amount of women in the cinema, to be expected, the odd guy though and then a minority of the women who were incredibly irritating even by my standards….

Shades of understanding….

If I were a film critic and one who hadn’t previously read the novels I would review the film in a good light.

However there will be cynical, fickle remarks around the film that’s inevitable as controversies due to feminism….

Yes there is the story line of almost in fashion right now of dominant and submissive, but let’s look deeper into Christian Greys feelings.


Shades of fear….

Anastasia Steele is a romantic English literature student who falls in love with Christian, love being the operative word, his troubled past has scarred him into being unable to love…
There is the pleasure, the sex and bondage but for me the real message just from this first movie is love.

I’m hoping the other two novels uncover and add more of an insight into the dominant role which in my opinion he is fundamentally just hiding behind….

This isn’t for me a film, novel or story of misogyny but more a love story unfolding in our modern world…

I hope I won’t be disappointed with the next chapters, if you haven’t yet been go and see the film its worth it…..

Goulding – Love EllieMe Like You Do (Official Video): http://youtu.be/AJtDXIazrMo


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Loves many settings….


Love is a many beautiful feeling,
It has many different faces,
Deep passionate lust,
Care free youthful fun,
Tentative gentle and warm…

Surround yourself with all these,
Rummage delve jump right in,
Don’t be afraid of affection,
What can we be without love,
Frozen cold with pain like ice…

Life’s fulfilled when we enter embrace,
We can flourish glow with happiness
Cherish with all our hearts
The true wonder and magical light,
Of a love won or lost,
Better to of loved than not at all….

We leave a shadow one day,
Remembered for how they felt,
Love has no bounds or prejudice,
In hearts of those we touched,
Go cherish this moment infinite….

Love to you all this Valentines Day….


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Loves tone…


Photograph by “Anamaria Brigitte”

Love brings a sparkle of lust
Or a tenderness of pure heart
Tones of affection leaving you breathless for more….
Its voice caressing your soul

We long to be loved and equally reciprocate.
How can love break your heart
Its priceless, pure and enchanting
But still its anguish tears some apart

It would taste of flame yet affections
From violent ambers to silken blush
Embrace all rapture and fondness
For love is all we need…….


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Remembering your first love……


Photograph “Doug wheller”

First love….

Its nearly valentine’s day and love if we are lucky enough will be all around.

We all despite wherever we may be today remember our first love!

It could of been an innocent kiss, a crush or a deep passionate love affair. Either way we all have a special place in our hearts for that first spark, experience of enchantment.

Some may be fooled into thinking its going to be a fairytale, in fact for the most fortunate among us, that could be just the case.

Is it really all as we remember it though, have we simply magnified its slender, its wonder….

Psychologists actually say that often we do just that and exaggerate in our memories how special our first love really was just because we are unhappy with our present situation….
I’m unsure on this one so sitting on the fence with my opinion.
What’s your thoughts?


Photograph by “Yoann Jezequal”

No, this trick won’t work… How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?

Albert Einstein

No, there’s nothing half so sweet in life as love’s young dream. – Thomas Moore

  Focus on the now….

So whether you believe in the magic of first love, soul mates or even love at first sight, just remember to live in the moment of now.
Love is around us we just need to open our hearts, however ironical
“Love is all we need”

Sam Smith Performs ‘I’m Not The Only One’: http://youtu.be/45NbpkDpTTI

Happy valentines day on Sunday…

Do you remember your first love?


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