Good or bad vibrations?

Photo credit – Flickr

Do you ever feel like all around the vibrations are suffocating you, like the negative feelings of others touch you, affect you, drain your energy, surrounding your existence.

I do, its tiresome and its making me dizzy and sick with nausea,
Sounds, chaos of others emotions entering my physic, taking away my peace and harmony, encounters become deafening, buzzing, deep into my mind, into my soul…..

Noises swirling, eyes heavy,head banging,panicked thoughts……

Breath, breath long and deep….. take away the negative, wash away the dirt, protect against the urban playing field of life.
Dilute, erase,cleanse the mind, find a different place to focus.
You can find tranquility just practice, calm still thoughts against the metropolis…….


Photo credit – Flickr


Disciplined mind….


The mind is a powerful tool,
Sharpened, chiselled, structured,
Produce a life you designed,
Not a life of chaos…..

Disciplined thoughts bring peace,
Practice can bring possibilities,
Days and nights in the wilderness,
Allowing for time to grow in wisdom

Once you learn true happiness,
Is from our very own soul,
Join and cherish but never forget,
Harmony holds no ego….
Disciplined minds never disconnect!


Trusting truth…..


Upon your trust I sit in kind,
Balancing my life of chaos,
Only one jerk and I could fall,
Down into the gloomy abyss.

Could trust hold my heart,

Could trust understand my mind,

Don’t drop me………

Trust is blue clear and exactness,
Certainty if believed,
Shall I jump from this ledge,
Leaving behind my safety net.

I trust you with my life,

I trust you with my soul

I trust you will not drop me……

With trust like diamond casing,
Now securing any cracks,
Sealed sheltering emotions,
Basking in splendour of protection.

Trust has come to settle,

Confidence of hope and faith,

In that peace will fall upon…..


Storms fury!!


Photograph by Greg Stevenson Flickr

It builds with density and darkness,
Bringing natures force of weather,
Raging storms take many faces of destruction,
Its control totally beyond our reach…

Thick morbid heavy clouds encasing the horizon,
Grasping our freedom of calm,
Winds whirling everything in there wake,
Rains driving downfall causing carnage…

Some chase these powerful phenomenon’s,
Intrigued by their commanding fury,
Be weary of natures annihilation,
For there is always more than just a storm…….


Wasteful worry!


Understanding that word worry,
It robs the soul of time,
It steals from you your peace of mind,
If given any hope of manifestation…

Wastefully worthless worry,
Strangling inner calm,
Churning deep into our physical,
If given permission to display….

Grey rain clad clouds heavy on the sky,
Awaiting release from pressure,
Worry can resemble a storm in chaos,
If given any chance of appearance…

Entwined metal spiralling entangled,
Cut loose that anguish of pain,
Allow a peace of mind to ease,
Not given admission of any worrying kind….


Beauty of peace….


Photograph by Giovanni Arteaga’

If peace were a vision we could see,
Its reflection would leave a translucent shimmer,
Rainbow full of promise,
Diamond sparkling glamour…..

Hopeful in its million pieces,
Clearing away the fear,
Its carpet of beautiful calm,
Alive with possibilities of greatness…..

Divinely inspired for mankind’s peace,
The world would give out a sigh,
Birds would sing in harmony,
Their chorus heard from faraway fields……

Vibrant, pastel, claret or velvet,
Tactile textured dreams of peace,
Its beauty would cleanse the earth,
I hope its beauty can become one day…..


Calm composure!


Photograph by “Joyce” flickr

The calm is translucence.
Opaque, turquoise with a lustred sheen of light,
No ripples in the energy field just still,
Lighten crimson, marbled neon blush,
The perfected element of choice.

If all around was calm,
No torment or confusion of mind,
How composed the veins of thought,
Elegant essence of fragrance of man,
Would breeze on the movement of time.

Let’s capture this fragment of calm,
Pocketed for all our grasp,
On a tide of divine illumination,
For then our calm composure would touch the world,
With it I could feel peace at last…..

Let’s find this tranquil, serene existence

Mandy. X

The colour of peace……


Photograph by ” Traudl Becker”

Dare I ask for peace in this turbulent world of silent wars
The colour of war is dark and dissolute
Anger, abounded with fear
Yet still I hope for a glint of light.

Peace what is its colour
In this sea of red and rage…
We are abundant with hate
Power people embrace in their foolhardiness

Could it be translucent or sublime
Maybe more a cool blue breeze
Or perhaps full meadow green and yellow
Yes I will dare ask for peace….

Let’s cast a dream of hope
Crimson washed to sea
Darkness erased by an energy of illuminate
Onwards we will wander seeking for our own true colour…..


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If I were Queen of the world!


The world is a beautiful, wondrous place one that if you were unborn and had the ability to think it would be unbelievable paradise to you.

Do we really appreciate its capabilities, its marvel , its staggering possibilities. I doubt it we are too busy making war…..
Our children of the world see its wonder its attraction, they are not marred by power, greed and egotism.

If I were lucky enough to be Queen of the world, I’d be someone who valued its people along with its staggering natural beauty.
I’d teach forgiveness above most things, enabling man to tolerate and see itself for all its worth rather than letting man think it needs something other than what the true world already has to offer in its amazing state….

Everywhere in our 21st century world we see destruction, man struggling for power, struggling to over turn his fellow man.
Where has the compassion disappeared to, what of our conscious. We see innocent people suffer, children refugees of war. Is there no end to the slaughter……

If I were Queen of the world even for just one day, I’d show my wrath, I’d wash away the evil with pure nature itself.
I’d save the innocent from their peril put balance back into mankind and hope above all else that we could be forgiven for our madness…….