Its only weird…..


Photograph “Arlo Guthrie”

I hear you ask for weird….
When all around is calm and still
There is no ripple in the waters light
Just the moon and its luminous reflection

How can I interpret weird….
Is not for lack of imagination
When suddenly the water erupted its sleep
With a crash of a hat and limb

The water felt hot like treacle
Pulling through its gulp
Bittersweet with its welcome hold
Lumps, glue, sticky and yet free

Time is but an essence
Each day bringing the weird and wonderful too
Give the weird a chance
For all things need a balance….

Capture the opposite, encounter the within
The moon has a light but dark prevails
Water will flow until its sealed
As we feel the weird from deep held in…….


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All any of us really want is love……..


Photograph by “ruchit Sakhariya”

I asked myself why, is it because I’m a bad person, am I unlovable, I know deep in my heart I’m a good person.
We all want acceptance from others isn’t that an acknowledgment of our love.
I’m tired of trying to be loved, such hatred towards me is wearing me down, I can pretend but deep in my heart I’m afraid…….
Maybe the best questions are asked in silence but this one is wearing thin and is in need of an answer.
We can all question and try to do what we think is for the best but really deep within our soul all we ever really want is love, to give love and to be loved….
To be hated day by day is like a slow death, to analyse why is like torture, to be verbaly told everyone hates you, just for their justication is mental cruelty.
Self preservation will prevail and stronger will emerge but for now she will continue in silence.
The face of smiles, of caring for others over and above herself  is always a signal of someone who has been deeply hurt, who has little worth despite the arrogant invention…

On reflection maybe it isn’t her thats unlovable but him but it will never feel that way…
                To be loved…. X

All any of us ever really want is to be loved, to be exactly who we are meant to be, to be allowed to be who we are without prejudice, without judgement, with acceptance and then maybe then have a feeling of peace……..



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How to control the negative!


Photography ~ energy storm by
  ” Alex Kemp Lomomograph” from flickr

Everyday I encounter negative vibes we all do and sometimes it can actually be down to us, for contributing to them, but understanding the negative is all part of combating and controlling it…

I’m extremely grateful and excited too of reaching over a 1000 views on my newy almost 6 week old blog, maybe not a huge milestone for some but for me encouraging and giving me the motivation to keep going not to mention I’m absolutely loving it…
Also other exciting developments, I’ll keep you posted…..
So cast your mind back to my first post, only a short introduction but its base lying in everything fundamental that my blog is about, from back in early December 2014 titled ~

What we don’t realise! ~


– and this will set the scene for my explanation of the negative…..

Focusing your thoughts!


Think of a battery it has a +  and – for energy to flow but if the battery is in the wrong way the circuit won’t work.
There has to be dark for the light to shine…….
Yin and yang, perfect balance!


So realising there will always be negative as well as positive, we have to either protect ourselves or perhaps a simpler solution just change the way we think about negative energy…

We can all pin point an occurrence of a bitter hurtful remark aimed at us, think back to my blog on Combating jealousy and envy ~
Or Is anger really fear!
All of these posts are hoping to give an angle of the negative emotions in a different mindset, hoping to give some understanding, but also hoping you might think differently and once we have the capacity to do that our thoughts change. Our feelings then follow suit and we act out in a more positive way.
A full circle, yin and yang, perfect balance……

Now we are feeling armed and ready to dispel negative to allow in positive!
The negative will not vanish but more likely it will disperse.

Accept your dark side, understanding it will help you to move with the light. Knowing both sides of our souls, helps us all to move forward in life and to understand that, perfection doesn’t exist.

Martin R. Lemieux

The Pentacle – The ancients envisioned their world in two halves – masculine and feminine. Their gods and goddesses worked to keep a balance of power. Yin and Yang. When male and female were balanced, there was harmony in the world. When they were unbalanced there was chaos.

Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2)


I leave you with these two excellent quotes to mull over,…….

Thank you to all of you that have supported me so far and now to the future…..


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