The rich get richer and the poor get poorer….


Photograph by Thorsten  kulbe.

Grotesquely rich as the super rich,
Living in their mansion rose gardens,
Meanwhile the poor become impoverished,
Living in utter pauperism!

Capitalism can we possibly blame,
Greed and need of power,
Is this the 21st century,
Or perhaps we have traveled back in time.

Reform and change for balance
Whichever way the polls fall,
We need a fairer society
Because we thought we were all in it together
Obviously we were fooled…….

They sit in their ivory towers,
Westminster and house of commons,
Acting like deranged baboons,
Unruly players debating our fate!

Use your vote wisely,
Let’s make the power of the people be heard,
For whoever knocks on the door of no10,
Will have our eventualities in their hands!!!



Election fever!!


That’s all we hear right now,

Election campaigning fever,

There’s the right leaning conservatives,

Or left wing politics of the working man Labour…

Liberal belief’s or perhaps go green,

Not forgetting the infamous relatively new Nigel farges UKIP,

All canvassing for our X on the ballet paper….

What will be the outcome on May 7th… Manifestos galore,

How can we decipher the result,

Democracy is apparently old school,

Alternatively lawless anarchy would take hold….