Keeping strong!


Photograph by Julien Ratel Flickr

Life throws many obstacles,
How to deal the pack can get troublesome,
Shuffling through the cards of life….

We all build bridges over troubled waters,
Turbulent troubles turning over our minds,
Rapids taking us off course of journey…

So walk those paths build with courage and substance,
Fortitude of soul and mind,
Overcoming struggles of vexatious times……

For all the discord and pain,
Can only lead to growth of intellect,
Wisdom working its worth,
Turning those troubles and strife into new understanding……



A problem shared is a problem halved….


This is a old term, one most of us probably heard our mothers use.
Think back to when you were a child, sharing everything with your best friend was second nature.
So why when we become adults do we often find it extremely difficult to talk about our problems and emotions.
Society today isn’t as kind and understanding as days gone by, really because neighbourhoods have changed, lifestyles are no longer as easy in the way that mother’s stayed at home and cooked and nurtured their family, quite the same way perhaps as our parents did.
With those old times friendships were forged and people looked out for each other. Community and the feeling of belonging and with this came security and the good life hence leading to a kindness and less judging society….

We could learn a lot from where we have cometh…..

In today’s society, fast paced, technology based is there ever time to share a problem?

Problems of today’s world!

We see on the increase stress related illness,
• People struggling with large work loads.
• Worries about making ends meet.
• Juggling careers and family life.
• Long hours of work.
• Inability to express feelings due to fear of ridicule.

I remember in my geography lessons many years ago the forecast of the 21st century having more rest and play, less working hours per week.
Can’t say this has happened, can you?
Not in these days of austerity and hardship…..


Finding that special friend you can trust….

I think also you can count on one hand true friends, friends that take us for who we are regardless of our circumstance and status.

True friends don’t judge or compare, they support each other through good and bad.

So baring in mind that fact of very few true friends, its even harder to share our problems and feel then halved from that fundamental simple principle of off loading and getting a second hand perspective. Even just having someone to listen and care regardless of making things better, things always seem halved after telling and sharing with a friend…


So remember there are always good people who care, people we value and are grateful too.
Share those problems, lift the pressure and see the difference……

The link below is an article and video  based on research proving that problems shared reduces stress. How amazing. >>>>>>

Do lets start living with all the ingredients of wisdom and knowledge and then the good life will appear,because you are special………

Mandy. X