Is football a tribal phenomena?


The air hung with anticaption and I could hardly breath with the wait for that final whistle.

“Yellooows!!!! Yellooows!!!” a man shouted behind me. I echoed his tune and l felt a nervous knot twist harder…..
They have to WIN, “Come on,Come on, please!!!!!”

As he dribbled up the field, running faster, passing to number 7 in the middle, swiftly anticipated and intercepted and ~yeah!!!!! strike straight in the back of the net!!!!!!
“Wow!!!! Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!”  I shouted.
“Off side” screamed the opposing side
“No way, no way” I voiced back.
I could feel the anger rising inside me, the passion I felt for this team was unbelievable, it was almost like life and death.

I twisted my face in rage and shouted back again      “No way, no  f*#@ing way!!!!!”
Suddenly I had turned into a crazed individual,swearing, shouting and probably if need be, willing to start physical aggression…..

Where had all this emotion come from?


The power of football!

I’m incredibly passionate when it comes to football, its not something everyone possibily can associate with, but believe me if you ever get involved with the sport and follow a team regularly its unbelievable…

The downside is that unfortunately it does bring out even in a mere female like myself a tremendous show of aggression when your team is losing or unfairly treated.

What I hear you ask, could possibly be the reasons behind all of this. Its almost expected for young testosterone males to act in this manner, but not a middle aged woman.


Football has tribal links!

The zoologist and author “Desmond Morris” wrote the book “The soccer Tribe” back in 1981 and its a description of how football has similarities to primaeval hunting patterns of tribes with their hero players and managers. So maybe all the fuss is just a human instinct and nothing more….
Football is incredibly popular and here to stay and the crowds haven’t really changed, this is an excellent picture from years gone by…….


I just leave you with this thought of ~ what will our future ancestors make of all these incredible crowds and images of men in matching kits with numbers on chasing a ball.
Is it that unsimilar to ancient Greece or Roman?

Love or hate the beautiful game, either way its here to stay for the foreseeable future at least….

U2 Beautiful Day:



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The importance of sport for children!

For me sport at school wasn’t either my favorite or least wished for lesson.
I was pretty average until it came to hockey.
I can honestly say I was taught an incredible amount from my experience in the hockey team.
Team work, camaraderie, and most importantly that hard work and practice does pay off and it leads to improvement. Meaning I became a better player, with that came incredible positivity and confidence…


It was of no real surprise then that when I had children of my own, that I would be strongly insistent that they took up some form of sport from an early age.
My son was playing if playing is the correct term, possibly better described as chasing a ball around in large groups, obviously football from the age of three.
He was boisterous and full of energy, sport just seemed the obvious answer.
It not only tired him out which at the time was great, because he then slept better, but for his future taught him all the lessons and more than I even or could possibly have hoped for.


Both my children are actively involved in sport still and possibly both may follow career’s into that field in the near future.

Despite my experience from my own early teenage years with the advantage of sport, I could never realise the huge positive impact it would have on my children’s lifes

The impact on children’s development.

Its been proven that sport in children’s development both mentally and physically can only be described as positive…..
It helps develop –
1. Honesty
2. Team building skills.
3. Respect for themselves and others.
4. Fair play.
5. Being able to stick to rules.
6. Discipline.
7. Healthier life style
8. Competitive understanding, losing and winning the lessons learnt from both.

The link below gives more detailed reading “Sport and”
> > > > < < <

The list is endless and with all these advantages and more, not forgetting most importantly there is the enjoyment, fun, the great friendships that are all fueled by being part of a team.


I can whole heartily say and recommend anyone with young children to encourage sport into their early life’s. Whether it be football, rugby, cricket or individual sports like swimming, golf, althletics just to name a few, because the benefits out way all the long journey’s to matches or practice.
Not only that I actually miss those days, wonderful memories made and friends too…….


What was your favorite sport at school?

Thanks for reading….


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