I dwell on Possibilities of time,
If time were only eternal,
Our time however is limited and precious,
Preserve, cherish, endear in your memory.

New possibilities erase the old,
Ashes made from thoughts lost,
Let’s now concentrate on the promise,
For with this new found energy things will grow….

Hope has always simmered,
For now it has manifested,
Its colour is turquoise fresh and clean,
Blowing in the wind of the hands of times…

Like a petal in a rose bud,
Unfolding on times count
No sooner than its ready to climax,
To open to its prize of scent…



How time flies!


Photograph by ‘Zi Nguyeng’ Flickr

Never under estimate time,
It suddenly runs away from you,
Considering the moment we must,
Living in the here and now unquestionably,
How time does fly……

Tick tock go the hands of time,
Never letting up or standing still,
Marching on with purpose,
Everything in its wake inconsequential,
How time can fly…..

Capture the eternity and picture in your memory,
For without your consciousness,
It can be gone in a flash,
Wasted or worse never realised for importance,
For believe me,
Time does fly………


Bottling time…..


We take our time here for granted,
Its precious and not infinite,
Imagine if we could bottle time,
Holding those treasured moments dear……

Iridescent memories are so sweet,
Time is but an essence,
One we must not fritter wastefully
Try using every second for worth of gold……

Time can be taken from us,
Take heed of warnings now,
Imagine if we could bottle some,
Opening for the supreme bits….

So with this knowledge instilled,
Go play time bombs for now,
But never ever under estimate,
How time flies by without our sight….

Live, love, behold those dear to heart,
For returns are not promised,
We are mere mortals on this earth,
Insignificance against energies strength

Maybe one day soon technology will  bottle our precious time………


Whats on your bucket list?


Its my birthday next week and I’m edging closer to that big 50 “arghhhhh!!”

It got me thinking though I really must write a bucket list, tomorrow’s never a promise and I’m not someone to have regrets but then again I wouldn’t wish to reach the grand old age of 80 and feel like I hadn’t achieved my dreams,goals and desires…..

As you probably already know from my previous posts I’m a bit of a list addict so this will come completely natural to me….

What is a bucket list?

For any of you that don’t know the phrase, term bucket list its definition is –

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.
“making this trip is the first thing on my bucket list”

early 21st century: from the phrase kick the bucket ‘die’

When its put like that ” kick the bucket – die”  it really hits home……

I suppose it will help me see my life in a completed kind of way, give me a clearer vision of where I’m heading.

I’m not the type generally for forward planning beyond my day to day activies though,  other than the time management plans I rely on.

However it’ll be something to give me an incentive of keeping enthusiasm in mind, positive thinking….


Photograph by ” Paula Valentim”

Let’s fill that bucket……..

Here’s some ideas for your bucket list that I’ve compiled from friends  family and myself.
Let’s not waste anymore time, let’s start on this insightful activity and give our existence some direction, even if we don’t complete the entire itinerary….

1. Travel to a destination you long to see. Mine is the Great wall of China and San Francisco.
Walk the wall and drive up and down the hilly streets in an American old fashioned 70s car….


Photograph by ” Keith Roper”

2. Thrilling or scary activity.
Bungy jumping or sky diving come to mind, can’t honestly say this is on my list. Maybe horse riding on a beautiful beach but everyone to their own. Never say never…..


Photograph by “Ticino-joana”

3. Drop a dress size and get in the best shape of your life.
Fitness and health with nutrition are so important for healthy living both physically and mentally.

4. Learn a different language or skill.
Education is immense and even if its a different skill it will benefit who you are.
A painting, photographic, cooking course, something you have always fancied doing…. #priceless
Silversmith I must try….

5. Run a marathon, or do a triathlon or even climb a mountain.
Push yourself to an extreme, taking you out of your comfort zone. This will help you learn so much about yourself.


6. Volunteer or help others without reward.
Help out at a homeless shelter, this is something I will put on my bucket list. Doing a service or volunteering is incredibly impowering, you are doing something because you wish to and not for material gain.

What you waiting for?

These are only a few ideas, just thought of another, learn a new sport, I fancy kick boxing!
Its a fantastic way to focus your direction and remember our thoughts materialise into actions far more likely if written down…..

So go have fun, make some amazing memories and have no regrets…..

What is top of your bucket list?



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How to time manage your busy life!

I have such a busy schedule that literally I’m sure sometimes I meet myself coming back or at least that’s the phrase my mother always used, and in her day life was most definitely at a slower pace!

Only yesterday, Saturday of all days, a rest I was hoping for, but unfortunately that wasn’t about to happen.
My daughter did point out to me though, that I really don’t care for sitting about doing nothing in particular, and that its good to be busy…..
Sometimes I’d like to give it a try though but if my memory doesn’t deceive me, she was correct, I have a strong aversion to doing nothing!


Photography by “Suzanne Duda”

         Good time management =
                      less stress!

I have always been a list person because for me without written help I feel helpless, this isn’t because my memory is bad, its a funtamental basic tool I use to declutter my mind and enable me to relax and enjoy my days of work or play.
My thoughts and ideas along with my busy lifestyle just run at a fleeting pace!


     Ways to manage time!

1. Prioritise in order ~
When I have endless things to do which is almost everyday, I give things a number of importance first in my mind then on paper. For example 1 to 10….
Somethings have to be high priority, essential but unless you think and plan your time gets wasted! I sometimes as well plan a route so that I can actually visualize in my mind and also not meet myself coming back so to speak….

2. My favorite, written lists ~
The writing part I do mention many times for almost all aspects of motivation and understanding and in this instance organisation.
Clearing the mind enables you to be free….

3. Allowing yourself a break or treat ~
We do have hectic lifestyles that run out of control at times,even with all the management in place, but one of the most important things to remember is to give yourself a break.
A break in the day of your busy schedule is paramount, sitting reflecting or even better walking outside for ten minutes, doing something that pleases you so taking you away from the mundane.

This is very important because without it are you really giving yourself any value…….?

We are special, we are deserving and yes we are busy but we do and should treat ourselves as well as others! Never feel guilty of taking a break….


This amazing picture by
“Stephen Cotterell”

    Don’t waste time its priceless!

This wonderful picture of a dandelion clock epitomises time because it does run out eventually so let’s manage what time we have and however driven you are, or if just in need of more time, always remember give yourself a break.

How do you manage your time?


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