Ways to be more tolerant!

If only life was full of sweetness and light and we were tolerant to everything we encountered….
Unfortunately life isn’t always that way and tolerance is a difficult thing to possess


           Define Tolerance!

Let’s first think about what tolerance is and its meaning, we want people to treat us with respect,understanding and acceptance, in return we should reciprocate these virtues meaning a tolerance of the diversity of others and our societies!
Acceptance is similar to tolerance but different ~ you can tolerant something or someone without accepting them however you can’t accept without tolerating first…..

Understanding of something or someone helps with tolerance and then hopefully eventually acceptance.


If we were to try to envisage tolerance it would I think be blue, silver, even translucent, a calm gentle being. Something of great importance to each of us and the world.

We all remember being intolerant……..
It would be almost impossible to not feel intolerance at sometime in our life’s. There are ways we can change our thoughts though and try and practice more tolerance.

Ways to help you practice more tolerance……

1.Put yourself into someone elses shoes, imagine being them, living their lifes, this can help all of us to have more acceptance once we understand.

2. Communication is incredibly important it helps to shed light on how someone or something is, it helps again with understanding. Taking down the barriers of misunderstanding……

3. Education of our minds we don’t have to compromise on our beliefs or not be who we are to tolerate others or things around us.
Just as ~

John F Kennedy said


4. Realisation that others or situations don’t compromise us, leads to acceptance…….

These are just a few tools to help us all be more tolerant in our everyday life’s.

I myself have to check my thoughts most days and think differently to stop myself acting out my feelings brought about by thoughts of negativity.

As always try to remember you are special and others differences can only enrich our life’s so please let’s try tolerance and with it we may just reach some personal peace……



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