Good or bad vibrations?

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Do you ever feel like all around the vibrations are suffocating you, like the negative feelings of others touch you, affect you, drain your energy, surrounding your existence.

I do, its tiresome and its making me dizzy and sick with nausea,
Sounds, chaos of others emotions entering my physic, taking away my peace and harmony, encounters become deafening, buzzing, deep into my mind, into my soul…..

Noises swirling, eyes heavy,head banging,panicked thoughts……

Breath, breath long and deep….. take away the negative, wash away the dirt, protect against the urban playing field of life.
Dilute, erase,cleanse the mind, find a different place to focus.
You can find tranquility just practice, calm still thoughts against the metropolis…….


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Keeping strong!


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Life throws many obstacles,
How to deal the pack can get troublesome,
Shuffling through the cards of life….

We all build bridges over troubled waters,
Turbulent troubles turning over our minds,
Rapids taking us off course of journey…

So walk those paths build with courage and substance,
Fortitude of soul and mind,
Overcoming struggles of vexatious times……

For all the discord and pain,
Can only lead to growth of intellect,
Wisdom working its worth,
Turning those troubles and strife into new understanding……


How to ease the pain….


His pain and and sorrow are now clear,
Helping ease the anguish is sincere,
Impossible to pull from his dark place.
Did this situation arrive in haste….

Long years of hidden emotion,
Taking away his joy,
Wanting to reach out in love,
That isn’t on his receipt…..

Understanding any form of depression is paramount………


You are responsible for your own happiness!


This can be a hard concept to swallow, a difficult one to accept but either way its completely true and the sooner you realise this the easier and happier your life will become…

Taking responsibility!

Thinking about everyday situations and simple things that disappoint us for example ~
• we are having a picnic and it rains.
• We miss the train to work!

These are annoying but if we start with the small things and condition our minds to take responsibility and realise that it’s our own responses in adversity that determine how we feel and not blaming others, then more complex issues when faced with them will eventually be able to be dealt with and won’t eat into our happiness.

Thinking of extremes like Gandhi and Jesus who over came problems and remained positive is a fantastic example but for you to get to that level takes practice of thoughts over feelings….

You don’t have to be religious to have in faith in the universe….


Try to think of training the mind just as you would train a muscle it becomes stronger with practice.

Happiness is from within!

Finding inner peace and realisation will take time,
surrendering your thoughts and letting go of anger and believing and trusting that things can become better with your own strength of mind will result in your own happiness growing tenfold.

We are all hung up on thinking if we had ~~~
• More money
• The perfect partner
• A bigger house
• Thinner

The list goes on but really these things wouldn’t fix you, only patch it up for a while.
Real happiness is acceptance of what life throws at you good or bad and controlling your mindset accordingly to take responsibly personally and dealing with it without portioning the blame.

We do all see situations differently and remembering that you are the only person responsible for your thoughts is paramount, you are responsible for not letting negative life experiences to steal your joy…….


So let’s try it, let’s embrace happiness from within.
We have the power to create our own destiny and be happy doing it!

Attack the evil that is within yourself, rather than attacking the evil that is in others.

To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.”
Albert Camus


Photograph by “Moyan Brenn” Flickr

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.”
Dale Carnegie


Controlling the bitterness…


Holding that bitter textured feeling,
That anger engulfing my mind,
Those segments of my psyche,
Eating into everything turning life blind…….

This needs a new prospective,
Something less tangy and raw,
My taste could turn to sweetness,
If a spoonful of forgiveness was employed…..


Everything is hope!


Without it we are lost,
It gives purpose for tomorrow,
I see it in my daydreams,
Even in my slumber.

Its like a shower of rainbows,
Pots of gold to find,
Let’s hold onto hope,
For all of mankind.

The softest silkiest yarn,
Tactile texture to touch,
For hope is divine
Upon our own fair skin.

So wake everyday with hope,
Then onward you will roam,
For in your heart will live a dream,
That’s always true to win ….

Never give up on hope!


Languages of love….


Photography by Mac Reddin.

Well its been a week long subject of love and valentine’s weekend most categorically has saturated us all with bags full oozing with Love.
I’m not saying there is anything wrong with all this surrounding of affection and warmth most definitely not, especially with such hatred and violence in our world of today…..

I did however feel my blogging subject would change today but there is something in the air from all this positivity and so I’m embracing the energy and writing again on the theme of love…..
It will be the last for a while, promise!

Languages of love….

I stumbled upon literally earlier an article about the five languages of love ~

“The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” is a 1995 book by Gary Chapman.
Link below to Wikipedia ~


Five different ways we interpret love.

Thinking back to thoughts and feelings and how we are in control of these, our own thought process, well it kind of made sense to me that we all do interpret things differently.
After all isn’t that where we go wrong in relationships by trying to reflect our own thoughts onto others instead of just listening to our own and aligning with them.

These five languages can apply to your personal relationship, family, friends and work relationships too…

So the different languages are ~

1. Words of affirmation..

Some people are affected greatly by the spoken word and so if words of appreciation are spoken to them more often they will feel more loved
Well worth a try I’d say….

2. Acts of service..

The saying actions speak louder than words, definitely apply here.
Washing the car, making a coffee helping with daily chores are all ways you could show this type of language of love receiver that they are loved…

3. Receiving gifts….

The actual act of showering someone with presents and gifts, I do find this one rather difficult to get my head around.
Only because for me objects don’t really guarantee happiness but remember I am telling this story from a book and I don’t have to agree fully with its entirety.

4. Quality time.

I have heard of sitting down and giving full attention to someone for 20 minutes, holding eye contact, conversing and actually listening is real quality time instead of just being there in person but not mind.
Technology has no doubt played havoc with this language of love, mobile phones take a lot of attention away from real time spent together.
Perhaps consider this if you think you know someone who needs this language to feel loved…

5. Physical touch.

We all know the power of a hug when we are upset or a pat on the back when having maybe won a sporting event and handshakes say so much about someone.
So for this language, hugging, holding hands and much deeper affection if this is your special personal relationship will confirm to this type person that they are loved….


Well I hope this has given you an insight into how different people interpret affection differently and that their energy reacts to different stimulus.

Let’s go and see if we can interpret how our close friends and family receive signals…

Which language works best for you?

Mandy. X

The strength of man!


Don’t hide your face in shame,

Be strong show faith go forth,

Some will fall that is the form,

But the strong will prevail….


Strength has many faces to show,

Humanity, tenderheartedness without shame,

Following grace, involving rapture,

Strength holds the fall that is the form…..


It has conviction for others too,

Never selfish cruel or pretentious,

Humbled man in all his glory,

Will strength, can it hold the fall…..


Mankind evolves without still,

Forward he does march with gain,

Remember I ask to hold the fall,

For without the strong we could fail…..



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Do you suffer with OCD?


When I was small girl unknown to me I was suffering with a form of obsessive compulsive disorder “anxiety.”

I remember at bedtime having a ritual of having to count the letters and numbers on the sticker on my sister’s mirror.
My anxiety was that if I didn’t, I actually thought I would die.
It was such a strong need that, as soon as my mum said good night I would recite it in my head, “Trent FM 96.2”
I had a constant cough, nervous one really, it comes back if I’m ever under stress or unnerved usually the dentist these days.
These were a form of mild obsessive behaviour….

I didn’t however tell my mum about my counting and reciting I just kept it all in my head…. In those days things were not particularly talked about!

Years later I found my notebook, list obsession and really it has been my saviour, my OCD hasn’t ever interfered with my life directly,  well not that I’m consciously aware of, however for some it can mean their life’s are overtaken by fears of not checking, cleaning etc.

Have a read of “Kids health on OCD for more information>>>>>>>>>

The anxiety and deep strong feelings inside, true panic I do remember take over and trying to not listen to them is incredibly difficult.
Sometimes now I get strong feelings of cleaning and tidying sending everyone in my household crazy.
I’m aware of these feelings though and deep breathing and mind control can usually get me back to being a normal individual not a mad cleaning woman….

We all have to a degree a form of OCD depending on certain factor’s. It can be an inherited disorder but it’s the chemical serotonin that plays a main part, being blocked and fear and panic then sets in…..
For more detailed information click the link below>>>>>>

image  ” Woven thought”


So my take on my mild OCD is thoughts over feelings again, I’m fortunate I can control things but for some its not that easy…
If you are a suffering or have a child who you suspect is, decide firstly how severe and then if needed get medical advice.
If like me its manageable try training your mind to fight the need……

I hope my experience has helped you in some way and let’s control our minds for our benefit….

Do you suffer with OCD or know someone that does?



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Why do we gossip?


Photograph by “Adhar Bahrudin”

We all love a good “gossip” if we are perfectly honest, its not perhaps the kindest thing to participate in and usually we all feel incredibly guilty whilst doing it!!!
So what is the reasoning behind it all….

Anthropologists actually believe that early man and throughout time gossip has been a tool to help humans bond and feel like they fit in.

“Guess what”  I said,
“No really, oh shocking, I can’t believe that, who would of thought it”  gasped my friend

Does this sound familiar, the exchange of gossip at someone else’s expense…

Media gossip….

Possibly nowadays its not as simple as in the school playground, office or at the garden gate type chit chat.

It has all taken to a new level, there are gossip magazine, reality TV shows where bitching is watched by millions just for higher ratings and the fundamental pleasure and entertainment of us the viewers or readers…

Social media platforms….

The higher platform of gossip in our fast moving 21st century digital technology fueled society is social media…
Think of twitter, Facebook, stories are like lightening crossing around the world, if a gossip type story gets momentum its very powerful and damaging to those involved….


Bonding but damaging!!!

So bonding groups but isolating those not joining in or worse ostracising and even demonizing the victims of their contempt…
If you have ever fallen foul to such hurtful accusations, you’ll understand such feelings of damage.
It may seem trivial to us when engaged in such idle gossip but really our actions can have powerful repercussions on other peoples self esteem.

People seem to thrive on others downfalls…

So sad that there isn’t more compassion and less comparison in today society.
Let’s try and find different ways to feel acceptance and less emphasise on feeding off other’s misfortunes…
Karma has a nasty way of catching up with you and so next time you hear a gossip communication taking place, try and put yourself in that persons shoes…..
Compassion, empathy, understanding, non judgement.
All ways to gain acceptance without  gossip…

Whether it be in the school playground, in the office workplace,on social media or more public gossip. Let’s try and withstand that feeling of fitting in so less gossip and more acceptance of those around us…..


Photograph by ” Joanne liu ”

Do you think gossip is harmful?


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