Fear’s face of disguise!

Let’s look at fear in the face,
Examine its crushing expression,
Let’s feel that fear and release its grip,
Who feels it strength?
Only all of us!!!!

Never be a victim of fear!


Go out and take fear by the hand,
Grip it back and then abandon its wrath,
Be free of doubt, be free of control,
It’s disguise is fooling you,
It’s loyalty is blinding,
Release and flow down the stream of life…..





Deep within all of us is the ability to manifest the life we dream of!


We must change our subconscious connections, change our wiring, its years of bad thoughts, bad remarks that have lead us on this path, this path that doesn’t flow, moreover its kicking and screaming to stop the natural flow and its blocking the life intended for you!!!

Think about nature, think about a spider weaving his web, he doesn’t shout and scream if his masterpiece is destroyed by chance, he doesn’t blame anyone or anything he simply starts over again…


 Our ego our conscious mind is always unsatisfied!


In order to manifest the life we deserve, the life meant for us, we must change things, change our minds, beginning with letting life just be, stop controlling our own life and others….


Good or bad vibrations?

Photo credit – Flickr

Do you ever feel like all around the vibrations are suffocating you, like the negative feelings of others touch you, affect you, drain your energy, surrounding your existence.

I do, its tiresome and its making me dizzy and sick with nausea,
Sounds, chaos of others emotions entering my physic, taking away my peace and harmony, encounters become deafening, buzzing, deep into my mind, into my soul…..

Noises swirling, eyes heavy,head banging,panicked thoughts……

Breath, breath long and deep….. take away the negative, wash away the dirt, protect against the urban playing field of life.
Dilute, erase,cleanse the mind, find a different place to focus.
You can find tranquility just practice, calm still thoughts against the metropolis…….


Photo credit – Flickr

Disciplined mind….


The mind is a powerful tool,
Sharpened, chiselled, structured,
Produce a life you designed,
Not a life of chaos…..

Disciplined thoughts bring peace,
Practice can bring possibilities,
Days and nights in the wilderness,
Allowing for time to grow in wisdom

Once you learn true happiness,
Is from our very own soul,
Join and cherish but never forget,
Harmony holds no ego….
Disciplined minds never disconnect!


Milestone on blogging!


Wow! thank you everyone I’m humbled to of reached this milestone in just six months.
Loving writing and not forgetting, reading all of your great posts and poems.
Here’s to many more creative masterpieces.

Thank you.


Keeping strong!


Photograph by Julien Ratel Flickr

Life throws many obstacles,
How to deal the pack can get troublesome,
Shuffling through the cards of life….

We all build bridges over troubled waters,
Turbulent troubles turning over our minds,
Rapids taking us off course of journey…

So walk those paths build with courage and substance,
Fortitude of soul and mind,
Overcoming struggles of vexatious times……

For all the discord and pain,
Can only lead to growth of intellect,
Wisdom working its worth,
Turning those troubles and strife into new understanding……


How to control the negative!

Skin Deep ~ Mandy Moran


Photography ~ energy storm by
  ” Alex Kemp Lomomograph” from flickr

Everyday I encounter negative vibes we all do and sometimes it can actually be down to us, for contributing to them, but understanding the negative is all part of combating and controlling it…

I’m extremely grateful and excited too of reaching over a 1000 views on my newy almost 6 week old blog, maybe not a huge milestone for some but for me encouraging and giving me the motivation to keep going not to mention I’m absolutely loving it…
Also other exciting developments, I’ll keep you posted…..
So cast your mind back to my first post, only a short introduction but its base lying in everything fundamental that my blog is about, from back in early December 2014 titled ~

What we don’t realise! ~

>>>>>>> http://bit.ly/1ukbknw<<<<<&lt;

– and this will set the scene for my explanation of…

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I miss her so much…


This picture is from several years ago now at a family wedding, but it epitomise everything wonderful about my beautiful mum, that laughter….

No one unless they are or have experienced the devastating effects of seeing someone you love lost to Alzheimer’s can possibly understand the pain, anguish, anger and utter sorrow.

Letting go when before you they are but not recognising the person they have become.

I long to share my life experiences, small things, milestones in my children’s life’s.
I know many people lose their mother’s and must long for the very same thing to have those conversations again but the truth of the matter is she’s here in body but she’s no longer my mother in mind….

I miss her so much………



Trusting truth…..


Upon your trust I sit in kind,
Balancing my life of chaos,
Only one jerk and I could fall,
Down into the gloomy abyss.

Could trust hold my heart,

Could trust understand my mind,

Don’t drop me………

Trust is blue clear and exactness,
Certainty if believed,
Shall I jump from this ledge,
Leaving behind my safety net.

I trust you with my life,

I trust you with my soul

I trust you will not drop me……

With trust like diamond casing,
Now securing any cracks,
Sealed sheltering emotions,
Basking in splendour of protection.

Trust has come to settle,

Confidence of hope and faith,

In that peace will fall upon…..


Don’t burst the bubble!


Photograph by Kaychel   ‘Flickr’

Its magical allure of translucency,
Kaleidoscope of colours capturing imagination,
Bubbles we habitat without consciousness,
Floating around our own visionary dreams….

Don’t burst those bubbles with impetuous impatience
Forcing life’s fate,
Unconsciously bringing about a catastrophe,
Instead soak yourself with calm and yielding heart…….

Trust the bubbles wonder of temptation,
Anticipation is a prism of iridescence,
A palette of artists delight,
Hold fast until the brush strokes begin their canvas…..

Mandy. X