How self reflection can help all of us in 2017!

Well its coming up to that time of the year again, resolutions at the ready everyone….

I absolutely love New Year resolutions, however they are only worth while if we can try to keep to them for at least longer than a few days!!!

My son has a saying for the January gym goers, probably better I didn’t repeat it!!!



It doesn’t have to be exercise, it can be anything that helps shape you and your future.
Self reflection is a fantastic tool to help with a number of things, its perhaps something we do too little, probably because we are afraid of facing things…….


Let’s first just think about “Reflection” it can be produced from light, sound and water waves.
Its a wondrush, astonishing, fascinating form of Physics.



Nature itself produces beautiful examples, the light and water droplet reflect the flowers with extradinary results.
Other magnificent reflections with a wave reflector the mirror, and water waves, each one leaving us in utter disbelief of their beauty…….


“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle was real, and you’re just a reflection of him”
Bill Watterson


“Reflect upon your present blessings — of which every man has many — not on your last misfortunes, of which all men have some”
Charles Dickens


     Self reflection has positive results!

Self reflection has to be done with ~

1. Knowing what you are reflecting on :-
i.e ~ to change a habit or lifestyle
     ~ to help change a relationship.

2. Being honest to yourself why you want to change…….

3. Find somewhere quiet, be alone and maybe put on some calming music to help you relax and think more clearly.

4. Write down your thoughts, read them however painful. Clearing the mind by written word, I find incredibly powerful. We are all different though remember, but give it a try!

5. Now you have reflected on what you want to change and honestly….

6. Its time to write down aims, with a time scale for each.
That way you can refer to them and don’t get too hung up if you are a little behind time. As long as you don’t lie to yourself……


       Reflection produces amazement!

The kind of transformation that self reflection can produce is worth a try, I’d say.
Our thoughts and feelings playing their roles again, thoughts positive, results feeling amazing……
Always remember each and everyone of us is special!

So now with all these tools let’s go and think about what resolutions we want to try this New Year.

Let’s make 2017 a year to remember…

What are your New Year resolutions?


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Ten ideas for self reflection and improvement!


Photograph by ‘Jessica Warren’ Flickr

More often than not of late, I seem to be  experiencing others hurt and sadness, you only have to turn on the news and the horror of today’s world is there in all its dreadful glory!!!

I would just be ecstatic if we could quash the hate bestowed on others.

A big order but I will never give up hope, I’ll continue to grow my own self reflection and also trying my up most to help others understand there own emotions and actions of others that do ultimately cause pain and misery….

We do surely all of us long for peace of mind, a stillness that calms the human soul.
We must always remember that our thoughts are the key to everything, we are in total control of them, no one should be able to influence how we feel if we keep our minds in check.
Make it impossible for the negative energy, thrown at us by others, to not affect our lifes…..

I have over the years read many books, followed countless ideals, the two I follow and use in my everyday life are ~

‘The law of attraction’ link below if you want to learn more >>>>>>>

The other is a ‘A course in miracles’ by Marianne Williamson link below to her website well worth a look >>>>>>


My list of top ideas for self improvement and understanding….

1. Be with people that have different cultures and ideas.
This is a sure way to give you a better understanding of others and being in company when you are the minority gives a deeper feeling of trying to belong to something alien to your way of life. Thus helps with prejudice and understanding….

2. Getting closer to nature is fundamental to everyone’s health…
The trees grow, the animals have their own pecking order, the energies of nature are all in balance.
Get close to it, embrace it, smell the grass,the fragrance of the flowers, feel how you did when you played carefree as a child…

3. Forgive three people….
Letting go of past grudges helps let go of negative energy and cleanses the heart and mind..

4. Put yourself out and do something out of your routine for someone else’s advantage..
Incredibly rewarding and refreshing to put someone else’s needs before your own.

5. Walking away from confrontation…
Our ego does take over and wanting to be always right is not an attractive contribute or a good self improvement policy. Let it go and feel the satisfaction of self control.

6. Letting go of controlling ways.
We are all afraid of losing control of ours lives and sometimes we are all guilty of trying to control others and everything around us. Surrender to your inner child and feel the empowerment.

7. Meditation always beneficial.
If full meditation isn’t for you, at least always give yourself a half an hour period of quiet a day alone just with your thoughts to clear the mind.

8. My old favourite, talk to a stranger.
Getting out of your comfort zone and breaking down barrier’s, in doing so building your confidence and perhaps making someone’s day.

9. Laugh at yourself.
We all find it hard to laugh at our own mistakes and misfortunes but really humours a great grounding tool and lifts the spirit, try it!

10. Be yourself let someone into a secret of yours.
The saying goes a problem shared is a problem halved, the same goes for a secret you may have been harbouring in worry. Confiding in friends builds relationships and makes you and them feel like you all belong.

Growing and learning everyday…

Life’s a learning curve none of us can truly say we are so spiritually aware that we have nothing else to discover about ourselves.
I hope these ideas help with your self improvement in this fast moving random world we live in….


Thank you for taking the time to read.